Top 100 Web3 Companies -

Report is based on the most hiring companies that published 1867 jobs on Aworker

NameSkillsAmount of jobsAverage Yearly SalaryLast Job Posted
1Binanceanalyst, python, security, remote, react, and 52 other skills85$111k
2Ripplemarketing, blockchain, crypto, finance, non tech, and 41 other skills52$113.3k
3Polygonreact-native, dapp, dev, react, front end, and 39 other skills39$113.4k
4Braintrustdevops, dev, programming, blockchain, nft, and 48 other skills35$105.8k
5OKXproduct manager, non tech, senior, nft, customer support, and 27 other skills28$96.5k
6Ava Labsmarketing, community manager, content manager, non tech, sales, and 25 other skills24$113.8k
7Okcoinproduct manager, management, crypto, analyst, finance, and 12 other skills20$143.5k
8Chainlink Labsreact, programming, front end, remote, crypto, and 20 other skills14$117.9k
9Alchemyfinance, non tech, management, marketing, content manager, and 16 other skills14$111.1k
10Cash Apphr, recruiter, finance, non tech, marketing, and 16 other skills14$116.4k
11Pillownode-js, node, react native, react, operations, and 26 other skills13$100.6k
12Parity Technologiescommunity-manager, non tech, management, remote, operations, and 19 other skills13$100k
13Ledger3d, design, non tech, senior, community manager, and 23 other skills13$68.8k
14Myriafinance, non tech, management, operations, analyst, and 16 other skills12$128.8k
15Chainalysislegal, management, operations, customer-support, marketing, and 10 other skills12$114k
16Geminic++, scala, rust, backend, finance, and 20 other skills12$145.5k
17BitGocustomer-support, community manager, management, analyst, crypto, and 22 other skills12$110.9k
18MetaMaskmarketing, management, remote, finance, javascript, and 24 other skills11$117.8k
19Protocol Labsproject-manager, management, crypto, blockchain, dev, and 19 other skills11$96.4k
20Decent DAOcommunity-manager, marketing, content manager, product-manager, non tech, and 24 other skills10$131.1k
21Coin Metricssales, non tech, operations, hr, javascript, and 11 other skills10$117.8k
22Pocket Worldsanalyst, dev, senior, remote, devops, and 18 other skills10$140.8k
23CoinFlipoperations, management, marketing, crypto, analyst, and 7 other skills10$104.4k
24Aptosc++, backend, rust, c#, programming, and 17 other skills9$136.3k
25Consensysdesign, graphic design, non tech, remote, marketing, and 15 other skills9$120k
26Prime Trustsales, marketing, management, non tech, react, and 10 other skills9$161.9k
27RECURcommunity-manager, non tech, nft, remote, copywriting, and 7 other skills9$101k
28Bitfurylead, blockchain, product-manager, python, dev, and 6 other skills9$122.8k
29Bittrexdevops, lead, management, c#, dev, and 14 other skills9$120.5k
30ATTNmanagement, copywriting, game dev, non tech, product-manager, and 12 other skills8$104.2k
31Energi Core Limitedlegal, ethereum, front end, dapp, web3, and 8 other skills8$107.9k
32Cerebellum Networkmarketing, non tech, remote, dev, nft, and 19 other skills8$98.5k
33Nexoreact, dev, blockchain, analyst, remote, and 8 other skills8$108.3k
34Afterpaymarketing, sales, management, non tech, operations, and 6 other skills8$119.5k
35Kronos Researchc++, dev, programming, finance, quality-assurance, and 15 other skills8$119.4k
36Immutablemarketing, nft, lead, remote, product manager, and 14 other skills8$121.9k
37DFINITYgolang, rust, javascript, senior, dev, and 20 other skills8$116.3k
38Figuremarketing, management, content manager, customer support, finance, and 5 other skills8$150.8k
39CoinMarketCap (CMC)react, front end, remote, blockchain, marketing, and 14 other skills8$195k
40Gate.iomarketing, non tech, remote, intern, entry level, and 12 other skills8$56.7k
41MoonPayfinance, defi, remote, sales, management, and 17 other skills7$110k
42Dragonfly Capitalfinance, remote, operations, legal, defi, and 7 other skills7$110k
43SHRAPNEL STUDIOgame dev, design, dev, javascript, java, and 7 other skills7$120k
44The Blockcopywriting, blockchain, crypto, remote, lead, and 10 other skills7$112.5k
45Metaplex Studiosremote, graphic design, design, non tech, senior, and 9 other skills6$135k
46Storm2marketing, crypto, blockchain, management, operations, and 15 other skills6$175.6k
47Syndicanode-js, javascript, python, remote, react, and 11 other skills6-
48Publiccopywriting, non tech, lead, customer-support, legal, and 3 other skills6-
49Crypto.comproduct-manager, design, remote, web3, nft, and 17 other skills6$96.3k
50Aurorasolidity, remote, dev, blockchain, ethereum, and 16 other skills6$95.5k
51Coinhakosecurity, blockchain, crypto, legal, finance, and 6 other skills6$97.5k
52Aldrin Labsproduct-manager, management, remote, lead, dev, and 14 other skills6$127.5k
53Wintermuteoperations, python, management, content manager, product manager, and 9 other skills6$148.3k
54LayerZero Labsdev, front end, react, rust, javascript, and 9 other skills6$115k
55ICEO - Venture Builderanalyst, defi, remote, nft, ethereum, and 1 other skills6$43.8k
56Blockchain.comanalyst, blockchain, remote, operations, finance, and 9 other skills6$90k
57Coins.phhr, intern, entry level, management, finance, and 6 other skills6$95k
58Nethermindmarketing, remote, data science, design, blockchain, and 20 other skills6-
593Box Labsrecruiter, non tech, remote, ethereum, lead, and 6 other skills6$111.5k
60Wirex Limitedanalyst, marketing, lead, non tech, sales, and 3 other skills6$95k
61Statuspython, javascript, programming, react, entry level, and 15 other skills6$100k
62Nansen.aianalyst, remote, design, customer-support, management, and 7 other skills6-
63Realto Groupsolidity, solana, dev, finance, blockchain, and 12 other skills5$30.6k
64Electron Labsrust, dev, blockchain, react, backend, and 6 other skills5$55.6k
65Myceliumproduct-manager, design, non tech, marketing, react-native, and 7 other skills5$103.8k
66QuickNodepython, golang, ruby, remote, lead, and 11 other skills5$142.5k
67Exclusibledesign, designer, node-js, node, backend, and 9 other skills5-
68smlXLdev, remote, customer-support, c++, javascript, and 9 other skills5$77.5k
69Infstonesgolang, remote, python, backend, dev, and 6 other skills5$70.6k
70ConsenSysdev, remote, product-manager, marketing, blockchain, and 10 other skills5$142.5k
71Solana Foundationfinance, management, operations, marketing, non tech, and 7 other skills5$146.7k
72FANtiummarketing, lead, non tech, remote, web3, and 6 other skills5$77.5k
73CertiKdevops, dev, programming, blockchain, product manager, and 14 other skills5$85.6k
74Branchnode-js, remote, senior, java, product manager, and 13 other skills5$225k
75Trust Machinessmart contract, remote, dao, defi, nft, and 14 other skills5$107.5k
76SwissBorglegal, non tech, senior, analyst, security, and 4 other skills5$108.3k
77Structuregolang, java, python, c++, rust, and 14 other skills5-
78UMAdevops, defi, web3, product-manager, lead, and 11 other skills5$126.3k
79Hikeanalyst, python, data science, product-manager, design, and 13 other skills5$100k
80NEARlegal, web3, blockchain, remote, node-js, and 7 other skills5$125.8k
81Space And Timerust, dapp, c++, smart contract, solana, and 4 other skills5-
82Mysten Labsanalyst, intern, entry level, remote, data science, and 5 other skills5$120k
83Bitcoin Depotcustomer-support, ethereum, javascript, react, seo, and 8 other skills5$108.1k
84Web3Authdesign, senior, non tech, remote, analyst, and 9 other skills5$105k
85Stardustjavascript, node, java, lead, blockchain, and 11 other skills5$141.3k
86FTX USfinance, analyst, operations, management, dev, and 10 other skills5$130.6k
87AQUAsales, non tech, management, customer-support, lead, and 6 other skills5$86.3k
88Mastercardanalyst, finance, operations, management, crypto, and 1 other skills4-
89Dynasty Studiosdesign, graphic design, graphics, artist, intern, and 7 other skills4$76.3k
90Maple Financesenior, solidity, remote, defi, dev, and 11 other skills4$92.5k
91Drift Protocoldesign, defi, remote, crypto, react, and 4 other skills4$108.3k
92MachineFihr, lead, dev, remote, analyst, and 3 other skills4-
93Ramp Networksenior, product manager, designer, web3, blockchain, and 17 other skills4-
94Magicdesign, non tech, senior, remote, sales4$156.3k
95Dapper Labsdev, senior, remote, node, golang, and 9 other skills4$101.7k
96Playcodev, game dev, remote, web3js, mobile, and 9 other skills4$130k
97Aldrindesign, remote, dev, front end, sales, and 14 other skills4$112.5k
98Autonomousunity, dev, game dev, non tech, recruiter, and 6 other skills4$115k
99Hirorust, blockchain, react, javascript, angular, and 6 other skills4$72.5k
100Chainstackdevops, management, remote, solidity, dev, and 6 other skills4$134.4k