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Parity is one of the world's most experienced core blockchain infrastructure companies, having built and pioneered some of the most advanced technologies in the blockchain sector. Parity was founded by Dr. Gavin Wood, co-founder and former CTO of Ethereum, the primary engineer behind the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), inventor of the Solidity programming language, and primary author of the Ethereum Yellowpaper.

Based in Berlin, London, and Lisbon with over 340 employees worldwide, Parity has built clients for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Zcash and has pioneered a completely new, next-generation blockchain protocol with Polkadot and the framework it’s built with, Substrate. Parity builds the open-source technologies needed to power an unstoppable, decentralised web—known as Web3—and helps developers and organisations implement and build upon the Web3 tech stack.

About the team:

Org Strategy is a small team that works closely with many departments within Parity. Our vision is to attract and retain the smartest people in the world to build the future of the decentralised web. However, when key people do leave Parity, we want to continue to support them and nurture the relationships we’ve already built. Engaging and supporting the post-Parity network is a great lever for talent acquisition, mentorship, and to continue supporting the growth of the Polkadot ecosystem.

About the position:

  • You’re in charge of developing and implementing exit packages (e.g. a goodbye NFT, Post-Parity DAO).
  • You’ll nurture personal relationships and establish, maintain, and grow wider communities that they can join.
  • You’re the touch-point for people who joined the Polkadot ecosystem after leaving Parity and offer continuous support.
  • You’ll actively keep the post-Parity network involved in current projects and company events.
  • You’ll develop opportunities for mentorship and collaboration (speaking engagements, event participation, etc.).
  • You’ll connect post-Parity people to teams (Parity and parachains) and resources.
  • You’ll develop initiatives to leverage the networks of ex-team members for new talent hiring.
  • You’ll support people when they’re looking for a new role by reskilling and upskilling them through network sharing, resume reviews, recommendation letters, interview preparations, and salary negotiation workshops.

About you:

  • 3+ years of experience with building, nurturing, and managing communities/people.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Social, people-person who enjoys networking and bringing people together.
  • Resourceful and doer mentality: You autonomously and proactively get tasks done.
  • Organisational talent: You always have a clear overview of everyone in the post-Parity network and the many initiatives that you’re running.
  • Excited about developing creative ideas to keep the post-Parity network engaged.
  • Enthusiasm to dive into the world of Web3 and learn about the Polkadot Ecosystem. Bonus if you’re already familiar with it.
  • Genuine interest in joining our collective, forming relationships, and evolving within the Polkadot ecosystem in the long haul.

About working for us:

For everyone who joins us:

  • Ability to build your network in the Polkadot Ecosystem and wider Web3 space.
  • A global work environment that’s collaborative, fast-paced, and self-initiating — perfect for doers who want to envision ideas and execute on them rapidly.
  • A culture where efforts and initiatives are noticed and rewarded, and your career goals are taken seriously. We’re focused on talent, not titles.
  • Fast learning curve: You’ll gain new skills and learn new knowledge constantly.
  • Opportunity to learn about Web3 while on the job, with access to some of the brightest minds in this space.
  • Plenty of educational initiatives such as internal sessions, AMAs, hackathons, etc.
  • A long-term career path with lots of opportunities to grow within Parity or the wider ecosystem.
  • Teammates that are genuinely excited about their job, impact, and Parity’s mission.
  • Competitive remuneration package including tokens.
  • Work from home or co-work in our office hubs in Berlin, London, or Lisbon.
  • Frequent company and team retreats to connect with colleagues in real life.

For those joining us as employees in Germany, Portugal, or the U.K.:

  • 28 paid vacation days per year
  • Work laptop (macOS or Linux-based) and equipment to enable you to work successfully
  • £2,500 yearly learning and development budget for conferences or courses of your choice

Not a perfect match to our requirements? We're still excited to receive your application and hear how you think you can help us achieve our mission.

Company: Parity Technologies

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