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Job at Electron Labs


New Delhi India

Full time

About Electron Labs

Electron Labs is focussed on building infrastructure protocols for rust blockchains. We have two divisions - cross-chain protocols and zero-knowledge based products. As our first product, we are going live on Rainbow Bridge where our zk technology will provide validity proofs for NEAR transactions. We are in the process of onboarding new blockchains and large Defi protocols and hence we are looking for solid engineers.

Website - https://electronlabs.org/

Blog - https://medium.com/electron-labs (we recommend checking our blog before applying)

What will you work on?

  • In cross-chain protocols, we are building a bridge between NEAR and Cosmos. For this, we are integrating Cosmos IBC directly onto the NEAR blockchain (as a smart contract). We are working with both NEAR and IBC core dev teams for this.
  • For ZK-tech division, we are working on bringing privacy transactions to the NEAR and Cosmos ecosystem. This division involves working with zero-knowledge primitives and circom programming language.
  • We are a team of 8 engineers specialising across domains.


  • Very solid previous experience in either web2 domain or web3 domain.
  • 2-3 years of experience of working in production environments.
  • Ability to think at architecture level, and engineer systems from pure scratch. Being able to analyse protocols using heuristic arguments is a plus.
  • Strong desire to work in crypto industry
  • Contributions to open source projects is a plus.

Company: Electron Labs

Website: Company's website

Skills: rustdevblockchain

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