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Your role

Your main focus will be managing a team of software engineers in order to design, build and scale our NFT infrastructure. There's a wide variety of really hard technical challenges we need to solve - from minting 10K NFTs/sec in a distributed way to scaling our real-time and low-latency NFT infrastructure which spans all the L1 top blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Flow, and layers 2's, as well eventually building the core functionality as a decentralized protocol.

You’ll be working on the full cycle of a team - having the technical background to lead the team in the right direction and make sure the team has everything to succeed, conduct goal setting and reviews, hiring, pulling up the sleeves as needed, ensuring smooth co-operation with the product and other teams. And not to mention the most important - team delivery.

Team Mission

Your team’s main focus will be on designing, building, and scaling our decentralized NFT infrastructure protocol which reads and writes NFT data at low latency, high throughput, and reliability across different chains. This means architecting, developing, testing, and shipping an end-to-end NFT data indexer which ingests new blocks and constructs NFT data state, handling data pipelines with TBs of data, ensuring reliability even when a single chain goes down, etc. We are still a relatively small team (but growing fast) meaning there's a wide variety of really hard technical challenges you can help the team solve - from scaling our real-time and low-latency NFT infrastructure indexer to integrating it with the overall protocol which will span all the L1 top blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, Flow, and layers 2's (Polygon).

By the end of your year one, your team will have shipped a core part of our NFT data indexer.

For more context, see our product: https://docs.nftport.xyz/ (recommended if you want to proceed to an interview).

Must have

  • A minimum of 4 years experience as a technical team lead, with 2+ years with shipping complex data, blockchain or developer infrastructure products. A history of shipping complex technical products on time and success - you deliver impact and results
  • Hands-on experience in architecting, developing, testing and shipping blockchain protocols or hands-on experience with delivering complex and data-heavy Golang projects
  • You have experience with distributed systems and blockchains on a low level in either EVM, Solana or Flow. Preferably you know their internals such as their data structure, how to parse them, how blocks are mined, distributed consensus, horizontal scaling, etc.
  • You have experience with low-latency and data-heavy streaming architectures
  • You are strong at Golang (or similar OO language, C++ etc) and you are able to ship end to end
  • Understanding of the crypto industry and other blockchain projects (NFTs, DApps, DeFi Protocols, etc.)
  • Technical background, domain knowledge and passion for blockchain, distributed systems, Web3, developer tooling and open-source. Thinking about dev tooling, infrastructure and APIs gets you fired up as you love to build for devs
  • You have strong leadership skills and can marshal the resources of the team by increasing their leverage. Your output is the output of the overall team as you prioritize effectively, communicate clearly in English, work one as a team and build simple, scalable processes where needed. You are able to hire and build your own team. You help to grow a deep sense of ownership, trust, and collaborative spirit within your team
  • You love to get your hands deep in the technical details as you can lead the architecture, review code (+ write if necessary) and mentor your team so they have a path to grow
  • You are customer obsessed and you understand developer personas extremely well and able to communicate with them at ease
  • Have the skills needed to prototype fast, find out what is the 80-20 solution and iterate to solve the remaining 20%
  • Tireless problem-solver, acting autonomously, take ownership, actively proposing solutions, good communicator, being a team player, having a growth and a startup mindset
  • Are motivated and passionate about the startup, no-corporate-BS way of life which also means ruthless execution at speed. You believe strongly in the Web3 & decentralization ethos

Nice to have

  • Have worked in dev tooling/infrastructure/API/Web3 company
  • Designed protocols or worked with decentralized infrastructure
  • Previously built NFT projects
  • Experience with cloud such as AWS or GCP
  • DevOps skills such as Docker, etc.

What we offer you

  • Mission and work that matters: You can disrupt today's data monopolies (Facebook etc.) and make the Internet ownable by citizens
  • Be part of a growing Web3 community and movement where you get to meet like minded people
  • Be part of a startup that’s growing fast, packed with career opportunities in a new Web3 world and be surrounded by exceptionally talented colleagues
  • Build and scale really challenging technology while having the ability to learn about blockchain & Web3 industry
  • Receive generous salary and stock/tokens
  • Be a part of a diverse team that welcomes all races, religions, cultures, genders, sexual orientations, ages, or are unique in any other way
  • Receive sports and self-growth benefits with 28 calendar days of vacation
  • Flexible work environment, location and time where you are in charge of balancing your own freedom and responsibility
  • Pick your own equipment - we'll set you up with a laptop plus any software you need
  • Chew bubble gum, mint some NFTs and have fun :)

Vibes with you?

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Company: NFTPort

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