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WHAT IS KANDOLA Kandola is a decentralized real-time message queue and data store built for IoT. With our chip-to-Cloud approach, we ensure the privacy and security of IoT devices and data from the device till it reaches the customer. Built using Privacy-By-Design principles, we ensure that all devices and solutions, built on Kandola are global IoT laws compliant. Kandola's vision is to be a marketplace for IoT with solutions and device listing. For more information visit: https://kandola.network WHY KANDOLA? Create New Blockchain Architecture that scales to domains like IoT that require real-time messaging Give Data, Privacy, Control, and Choice Back to the Rightful Owners: the People Organize the Unorganized IoT Industry by creating an open, standard, secure, and free protocol Democratize IoT by creating a decentralized community that processes IoT transactions [instead of being processed by proprietary silos] Liberate IoT Device Manufacturers and App Developers to focus on their own value propositions [: better hardware, better experiences] Render IoT Vendor Ecosystems/App Lock-Ins a Relic CULTURE @ KANDOLA We have no doubt that great teams build great products. Here are your values that we will NOT compromise on. Play: Having fun working is the ONLY way to work. If I don’t love it, I don’t do it! People first: People are more valuable than numbers! I have people’s backs! Grit: Brave to fail over and over again and yet move forward without hesitation! Integrity: Honesty, transparency, ownership, and accountability drive innovation! Simplicity: Strives to make everything simple and artful! Join us to help buid the MagnaVerse! Responsibilities: Design, Implement and launch blockchain nodes and maintain them Work with the Research team to find optimized solutions and implement them Work on networking protocol, consensus systems, systems throughput optimizations, and scalability Building and evolving blockchain-based systems, proactively addressing security aspects of systems that are always online and always under attack Lead the team of smart blockchain engineers and guide them whenever required Coach and mentor other engineers in a constant learning culture Requirements: 4+ years of experience working with backend systems and programming languages such as Go, Rust, C++ Good understanding of networking protocols and distributed network Must have work experience in the blockchain space Good understanding of blockchain-related cryptography like a public key, BLS signatures, etc Bonus: Experience working with low-level database programming & systems optimization Bonus: Experience working with consensus protocols Bonus: 2+ years of experience working with Cosmos or Substrate Bonus: Experience in real-time message queues like Apache Kafka/ MQTT Bonus: Experience in IoT Platform Architecture and Implementation Bonus: Experience in time series DB Bonus: Experience in parallel real-time streaming and compute platforms like Apache Storm/ Apache Spark Qualifications: Ph.D. in Mathematics, Computer Science, Cryptography, or allied areas Must have strong publications in one or more topics such as Blockchain, Web3.0, IoT, Distributed computing, Fault tolerance, Cryptography, Non-linear Scalability Benefits: Work from anywhere (Remote first) Flexible working hours Flexible vacation policy Competitive Salary Kandola is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace and is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or another legally protected status.

Company: Kandola Network

Website: https://kandola.network

Skills: blockchainrustc++remoteoperations

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