Web3 Account Coordinator

Job at Immunefi

Lisbon, Portugal

Full time

Role Responsibilities

  • Keep Projects (Clients) & Whitehats (Hackers) up-to-date, such as maintaining communication information, especially for bug reports, and following-up as necessary with regards to outstanding bug reports and outstanding Immunefi invoices, coordinating with a number of different teams as needed (e.g. triaging, mediation, sales / business development)
  • Train Projects on Immunefi products and ensure they are set up for success when interacting with hackers; this includes educating customers on how to deal with different challenges inherent in the disclosure process
  • Coordinate, prioritize, and mediate follow-ups with Projects on a variety of topics e.g. payment or approval of bug reports, analysis of vulnerability
  • Manage inbound information requests including: ensuring the appropriate person / team / department receive relevant information to address the request, providing timely responses to both Projects & Whitehats, and communicating responses to all necessary stakeholders

Applicant Requirements

  • Experience working in an insanely fast-paced environment. You must be able to make decisions quickly, smartly, and solve novel problems quickly
  • Experience communicating technical information and ideas so that non-experts can quickly understand how to mitigate challenges
  • Advanced user proficiency in Google Workspace and Slack applications is essential to be considered for this role. Both our internal and external communications heavily rely on advanced functionality usage of Slack as well as Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms from Google Workplace
  • Advanced written & verbal English language communication skills are essential for this role
  • Ideal applicants would have some experience having technical conversations in one or more of the following areas: cryptocurrencies, DeFi, smart contracts, blockchain (This is preferred but technical proficiency in other areas may also be considered)
  • Strong presentation, human relations and organization skills is ideal
  • Being a fully remote company, we are willing to consider applicants in any area however due to the needs of our current Projects & Whitehats, we require someone taking this role to have a work schedule aligned to Central / Western European Timezones

Company: Immunefi

Website: Company's website

Skills: operationsnon tech

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