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Miami, FL (Remote)

Full time

About the job

Toki is a next generation e-commerce enablement platform built on the blockchain. Toki allows brands to create their own gamified loyalty program with fungible and non-fungible assets. Our aim is to not only help brands increase their customer retention and acquisition but also to allow consumers to support their favorite brands, and collect rewards for activities they are already taking. Toki is working with some of the leading commerce brands of our decade and with your help, we can bring them into web3.

At Toki, we value intellectual curiosity, rapid iteration and a liberal arts mindset. The CTO is expected to lead the organization in building a world class blockchain product. The opportunity for Toki is an exciting one because we are at the intersection of two industries with major tailwinds. Building at this intersection is a constant learning experience with abundant opportunity for professional growth.

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with the leadership team to set clear priorities and goals for technology and product teams, balancing the long-term and immediate needs.
  • Define the company’s overall technology strategy to support business objectives.
  • Oversee data security, management, and governance.
  • Manage strategic vendor and technology partner relationships.
  • Manage resource allocation, goal/KPI setting, and performance metrics.
  • Make infrastructure decisions, ensuring technical excellence, versatility, safety and soundness, resiliency and scalability in the architecting and engineering of product solutions, as well as managing all technical delivery.
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of security plans
  • Ensure tight collaboration across departments to drive strategic initiatives, including understanding of the alignment between technology strategy and various technology road maps.
  • Create strategic plans and set timelines for evaluation, development, and deployment of all technical, web, and mobile services.
  • Develop and manage annual and quarterly budgets.
  • Build quality assurance processes.
  • Interface with Toki investors and Toki customers as needed to ensure clear product planning and communication.
  • Directly oversee tech leads ensuring their ability to facilitate their team in execution.
  • Interviewing, providing technical exams and hiring for senior and junior roles throughout tech and product teams.

Requirements and Skills

  • Must have experience with Next.js, Vercel, XState, Typescript, Hasura, Pulumi, AWS Lambda, Auth0, Cloudflare
  • Experience with EVM compatible blockchains, Solidity and wallet infrastructure is a plus
  • Experience with web extension and app development is a plus
  • Proven experience as a CTO, director or similar leadership role overseeing architecture and engineering for enterprise-wide technology platforms and leading SaaS technology platforms.
  • Demonstrated skills in change management on an organizational and interpersonal level; experience with integrating teams across multiple business units and managing a geographically dispersed workforce.
  • Strong department leader with skills in strategic planning, goal setting, processes development, budgeting, and creating opportunities for professional development within technology teams.
  • Experience at an early stage, fast-growing start-up
  • Excellent communication and strategic thinking abilities with a problem-solving aptitude.
  • Strategic smarts, including the ability to identify new opportunities, drive clarity, create focus, and make tough decisions in complex and dynamic contexts.
  • Broad knowledge of software engineering: languages, frameworks, techniques, and industry trends
  • Comfort working flexible hours and with team members around the world (with a focus on eastern Europe)
  • Understanding of budgets and business-planning
  • BS/BA in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems or a related field
  • Experience in one or more of the following fields is required: commerce enablement, blockchain and/or fintech

Company: Toki

Website: Company's website

Skills: operationsmanagementremoteblockchain

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