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Our Thesis

Imagine the internet absent fintech. No Visa, no PayPal, no Stripe. Today, our internet lacks scalable micropayments of less than a dollar, a technology that will be far more impactful and wide-reaching than these existing payment solutions.

We envision businesses utilizing micropayments playing a predominant role in shaping how people interact with and use the internet in the coming decades.

Unbounded Capital invests globally in technical founders building seed-stage infrastructure companies utilizing micropayments to serve the billions of people on the internet.

Recent Progress

Q2 introduced exciting developments which present extremely high upside potential to Unbounded Capital and our portfolio companies. Tokenized’s long-awaited desktop wallet is proving worth the wait, with early customers and token issuers adopting their revolutionary tech immediately after launch. DXS’s USD-denominated trading has opened up enormous new markets for their product to move into. Haste and HandCash’s rapid adoption of Ordinals and innovation around new use cases have driven engagement, including from outside of the BSV ecosystem.

Since focusing on the scalable blockchain ecosystem in April of 2019, our Fund I has returned 1,887.25%*

Role Description

The Operations Manager will manage the day-to-day operations of the fund, including an overseas staff of five that includes an operations junior manager, an executive assistant, and a tax and reporting specialist. All of us here at Unbounded wear many different hats. You will be empowered to get involved in work you find yourself drawn to. Any proactive efforts to improve the business will be met positively.

We are only interested in someone that can see themselves working at Unbounded for years to come, and that (like the rest of our team) is excited about our mission and focus.

What we Offer

  • Be a core team member, participating in the top-level management of a highly agile and high performing early stage venture firm
  • Build and manage your own team
  • Participate in our weekly investment committee calls. Our partners, senior advisors, and analysts all meet to discuss the fund's investment strategy (short and long-term). This is the highest-value call at the company and an incredibly valuable experience
  • Travel with the Partnership conferences, events, and off-sites (Expected 3-5 trips per year, with New York and London being at least an annual trip)

Job Duties

  • Create as-needed documents to support the partnership surrounding fund investment activity, management company budgeting, staffing analysis, or various invest-committee-related topics.
  • Manage the overseas team members (the Operations team), who collaborate to run the day-to-day admin functions of Unbounded
  • Answer investor questions. Exemplify outstanding poise, intellect, & control when representing the firm in communications w/ investors
  • Lead collaboration with outside accountants on yearly tax prep—gather docs, answering questions on figures from Y/E fund reporting, review and approve final copies of tax returns, etc.
  • Lead fund reporting efforts by managing the month-end review process in collaboration with outside accounting firms. Deep dive into figures from reporting, investment contracts, company valuations, etc, to ensure reporting is a correct reflection of fund activity. Specifically, our first fund is a hybrid venture and hedge fund and our Fund II (and soon to be Fund III) are traditional venture funds.
  • Lead internal record-keeping efforts; maintain a body of regularly updated logs surrounding investment activity, subscriptions, audit/tax/legal engagements, company expenses/service providers, balance sheets, fund holdings, etc.
  • Lead entity compliance efforts for Unbounded’s four legal entities
  • Investigate investment details to support the partners, screen investment docs for key info, and develop understanding of their implications. Info such as: triggers/milestones, maturation, conversion, board seat clauses, etc
  • Manage back-end investor onboarding process; work directly as a liaison between investors & service providers to run KYC and investor accreditation checks. Ensure security of sensitive investor info using above & beyond-diligence processes
  • Manage fund carried interest process start to finish—calculate carry % breakdowns at request of partners, draft notices to LPs, record payment preferences, conduct settlement, & scrutinously record all details surrounding settlement
  • Negotiate w/ service providers on behalf of Unbounded, ensuring the firm gets the best deal possible
  • Preparing 1099s for the firm’s advisor network and workforce of independent contractors

Growth Opportunities (Not part of the job or required from day 1)

  • Support with fundraising efforts. This can include traveling to conferences, leading webinars, and creating content - the sky is the limit with different ways one can add value to our firm by getting our brand out there!
  • Create and lead in-person events such as company destination retreats
  • Lead financial forecasting efforts for the management company using our ‘Runway Sheet’, a comprehensive dashboard of all company and fund activity. See the micro-and macro picture of the firm, upkeep the dashboard using extremely diligent organization of expenses/cash inflows as well as large-scale thinking
  • Put together draft investment contracts using provided samples/standardized language, using best judgment and supplementary research (initiated by you) to accurately realize the Partner’s vision for such documents
  • Conduct the first pass on legal documents and draft executive summary for Partners/Investment committee examination

Reports To: Managing Partner

Direct Reports: Five members of the operations team

About You

  • 1+ years of investment management and leadership experience in a venture capital firm, and a deep, demonstrated understanding of investment management and finance
  • Passion for blockchain technology
  • Passion for early-stage investment opportunities/startups generally
  • Strong track record of successful project management
  • Ability to create/quickly identify priorities and act in reflection of such priorities without help
  • Patient and sharp, able to quickly discern key information from large bodies of dense financial text
  • Excellent writer, someone who knows how to clearly express messages without waste and with respect to our incredibly busy network of LPs and advisors
  • Using best judgment to produce deliverables that will best serve the Partnership— knowing what to include and what to leave out such that a Partner could pick up the deliverable and know exactly what the bottom line is within 5 minutes of examination
  • Multi-faceted capabilities, a ‘jack of all trades' who can do most things or learn to do them
  • Thrives working in ambiguity, starting from scratch with little to no information. An “I’ll make this work” attitude in the face of challenging circumstances and fast deadlines
  • Incredibly conscientious, punctual, organized and well-prepared
  • Not easily dispirited; push through when facing challenges in pursuit of goals
  • Proactive and able to anticipate the needs of the organization without prompting
  • Grasp concepts quickly, anticipate needs, and report back on deliverables
  • Don’t mind getting your hands dirty to ensure nothing slips through the cracks
  • Eagerness to learn how to develop the company in new ways beyond what’s in this job description

Nice To Have Experience:

  • Previous roles in hedge fund operations
  • Previous roles in blockchain companies or blockchain-focused funds
  • Experience with accounting for options and complex custom derivatives trades
  • Graphic Design
  • Event Management and Production
  • Fundraising for a venture or hedge fund
  • Creating or updating a website as part of a previous role
  • Writing public-facing blog posts or similar content about startups, crypto, or related subjects


  • $80k-105k (depending on exp)
  • Bonuses: mutually agreed upon so success heavily incentivized. Expected roughly 20% of salary
  • Fund Interest: 0.5-1% of all Funds’ carry (performance fee collected)

Company: Unbounded Capital

Skills: operations blockchain crypto

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