Web3 Cryptography Engineer: zk-snark

Job at Electron Labs


Haryana Gurgaon India

Full time

About Electron Labs

Electron Labs is building a protocol to make various blockchains interoperable. Our goal is to enable cross-chain contracts to connect with each other in the same way as same-chain contracts connect i.e., via function calls. We have developed a new in-house tech called Bi-Directional Light Client that allows a smart contract to independently verify whether the cross-chain transactions submitted to it are valid. We further use ZK-SNARKS to reduce the gas cost of running the light client on-chain.

Check out our developer docs - https://docs.electronlabs.org/

Desired Qualifications

Must Have’s

  • In-depth understanding of Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics, and Cryptography.
  • Deep knowledge of basic cryptographic algorithms such as SHA-3, elliptical curve cryptography.

Good to Have’s

  • Mathematical understanding of zero-knowledge proofs.
  • Previous experience with any zero-knowledge developer tools like zokrates, circom-snarkjs, or any other is highly preferred and sought after.
  • A general understanding of blockchains and preferably some work.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Implement various cryptographic algorithms such as SHA-3, ED25519 signatures, etc in Circom language (Domain Specific Language for Zero-knowledge).
  • You will be assigned one blockchain (Ethereum /Polygon /NEAR /tendermint /Polkadot/Aleo). You will be required to implement the light client of this blockchain in Circom language
  • Maintain zk-prover infrastructure (cloud machine and codebase)
  • Write kickass documentation.

Company: Electron Labs

Website: Company's website

Skills: devethereum

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