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At Story Protocol, we’re building web3 technology to revolutionize how narrative universes are created. Our mission is to unleash an entirely new way to create, govern, and license IP on-chain, ultimately forming an ecosystem of “story legos” that can be remixed and composed.

Our guiding belief is that stories are the foundational layer of media –– from books and comics to film, television, and games. However, most top storytelling franchises are controlled by a small handful of studios. They use their leverage to squeeze creators, build walls around their IPs, and treat fans like sources of revenue instead of like partners. This top-down approach prevents many narrative universes from realizing their potential, and it stops many hits from getting built at all.

Story Protocol allows creators to build narrative universes from the bottom up. It empowers the construction of imaginary worlds via open source principles –– the same way humanity formed the first myths around the campfire, but with ownership and incentive models built-in.

Our team features deep expertise in media, tech, and business. Founding team members are successful serial entrepreneurs. We are backed by top VCs and many notable angels.

Now, we’re looking for stellar engineers on our journey to usher in the next era of storytelling –– we invite you to join us.


We are hiring for multiple full stack and smart contract roles. Please visit to see our open engineering roles in more detail.

  • Full Stack Engineer - Frontend Focus
  • Full Stack Engineer - Backend Focus
  • Senior Smart Contract Developer


  Regardless of the specific focus or role, you will have the opportunity to shape the engineering roadmap, work directly with our founding team, and drive the future or our company from its earliest days.

Company: Story Protocol

Website: Company's website

Skills: solidityfull stackdevremotesmart contractbackendfront end

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