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New York / Seattle / Bay Area / Remote

Full time

An ideal candidate should be:

Passionate about cybersecurity and/or solving puzzles, particularly in the blockchain. You are intrigued by the blockchain world and always want to know more about it, or to keep up with the latest development. The idea of studying new web3 attacks and trends excites you. You are interested in developing algorithms, tools, and monitors to help identify and stop attacks.

Intelligent and good with technology and networks.  You can go all the way down to the byte code to understand how an attack works. You are not afraid of juggling a large codebase or byte code to unravel the mystery behind anonymous malicious actors.  Ideally, you have some exposure to machine learning and understand the importance of data collection and annotation. Tenacious. You can go through a long list of attacks and persist to the end until they are all done. If there is something you don’t know, you learn it to understand the attack.  You never left a project halfway done. 

About the role

This paid internship will be with the security team in the innovations sector of CertiK - the Matrix team.  

The Matrix security team’s goal is to enhance, perfect, and accelerate innovation at CertiK by providing algorithms, direction, and insight into CertiK’s research endeavors.

This role will research the latest hacker security, and general trends in web3 to inform the team of how to best tailor their innovations toward the future of web3 security.  In addition, the role may involve assisting senior teammates with mission-critical tasks such as security investigations and algorithm design/improvements. 


  • Develop and maintain familiarity with the latest trends in the blockchain ecosystem
  • Dive into web3 attacks and understand them inside out
  • Provide good documentation and clear presentations to educate senior members of the Matrix innovations team.
  • Assist senior security team members with tasks such as code writing/review, algorithm development/review, security research, product design, and report generation.


  • Strong interest in cybersecurity, OSINT
  • Strong interest and basic familiarity in web3
  • Red team mindset
  • Familiarity/interest in blockchain architecture
  • Familiarity/interest in blockchain services
  • Scripting in Bash, Python, or another language
  • Ability to navigate and read and spot errors in SQL, Python, Solidity.  Or ability to quickly pick it up.
  • Excellent technical communication, the ability to explain complex technical concepts clearly
  • Committed and show perseverance, won't leave a project halfway done.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Degree in CS or related field
  • Strong skills in working with a complex system, large open-source codebase, and bytecode
  • Good with Rust and the Solana ecosystem
  • Experience in developing in the blockchain ecosystem
  • Familiarity with data science and machine learning
  • Familiarity with blockchain incidents, defi, gameFi, NFTs
  • Can explain in detail how bridges and marketplaces work.
  • Knows Hardhat, Brownie

About the Company

One of the fastest-growing and most trusted companies in blockchain security, CertiK is a true market leader. To date, CertiK has worked with over 3,200 Enterprise clients, secured over $310 billion worth of digital assets, and has detected over 60,000 vulnerabilities in blockchain code. Our clients include leading projects such as Aave, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Terra, Yearn, and Chiliz.

Investors = Insight Partners, Sequoia, Tiger Global, Coatue Management, Lightspeed, Advent International, SoftBank, Hillhouse Capital, Goldman Sachs, Coinbase Ventures, Binance, Shunwei Capital, IDG Capital, Wing, Legend Star, Danhua Capital, and other investors.Compensation$2000 - $6000/month (fulltime). The exact compensation at which this job is filled will be determined by the skills and experience of qualified candidates.#blockchain#startups#hiring

Company: CertiK

Website: Company's website

Skills: securityinternentry levelremotesoliditysolanarust

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