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Edge & Node is a creative software development company working to build a vibrant, decentralized future. Founded by the initial team behind The Graph, Edge & Node is dedicated to the advancement of web3, a decentralized and fair internet where public data is available to all—an internet that enables its users to increase agency over their creations and their lives.

Edge & Node’s initial product is The Graph, an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS, which ensures open data is always available and easy to access. The Graph is used by thousands of protocols and dapps including Uniswap, Livepeer, Aave, Decentraland, and more.

Edge & Node’s Infrastructure and Operations team has the critical role of ensuring the applications and services we operate are reliable, performant, scalable, cost efficient, and predictable. We focus on a mix of software development, tooling and automation, and development and collaboration with other internal and external technical teams to continuously meet a high bar for service delivery.

We are looking for an experienced and highly motivated Senior Security Engineer and leader that can help us assess and protect our critical infrastructure as part of The Graph ecosystem. In this role, you will have the opportunity to proactively close security gaps, develop best practices and policies across the broader engineering team, and work closely with other engineers to ensure robustness of the network.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Developing comprehensive knowledge of our products and services
  • Performing initial and continuous assessments of our applications, services, and infrastructure and being responsible for patching issues and implementing solutions
  • Enhancing existing triage and incident response processes to address issues quickly and reliably
  • Developing and optimizing an incident management process
  • Coordinating with other engineers to discover and respond to security issues proactively
  • Developing, documenting, and implementing security policies, protocols, and procedures to enhance best practices across The Graph ecosystem
  • Staying abreast of cutting-edge security technologies to make recommendations for infrastructure improvements
  • Managing bug bounty program, and leading and performing technical work as part of response team of all audits
  • ​​Collaborating with software developers to ensure that security is integrated into the software development lifecycle

What We Expect

  • 5+ years experience as a security engineer with hands-on technical experience in security evaluation and incident response
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related discipline with experience assessing and protecting network infrastructure; advanced degree in a technical field preferred
  • Exceptional skills in surveillance and emergency response
  • Experience using available tools and technology to ensure security in cryptography and cloud applications; experience with crypto/blockchain preferred
  • Outstanding communication, documentation, organization, and leadership skills
  • Up to date working knowledge of best security protocols and procedures
  • Solid understanding of project management and statistical data analysis and ability to use relevant tools to manage work and make decisions
  • Committed, reliable, and ability to manage on-call schedule within operations team

Company: Edge & Node

Skills: dev security senior ethereum node

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