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Full time

About Electron Labs

Electron Labs is building a protocol to make various blockchains interoperable. We have developed a new tech in-house called Bi-Directional Light Client that enables verification of cross-chain transactions cheaply and trustless-ly.

As our first product, we are building a bridge between Cosmos and NEAR (a project sponsored by the NEAR blockchain). We work very closely with the core engineering team at NEAR.

What will you work on?

  • You will work on Cosmos SDK to implement the on-chain bridge logic
  • You will implement the NEAR light client (written in rust) in golang so that it can run as a Cosmos App Chain
  • To see the design details of the bridge, please see - https://tinyurl.com/atom-bdlc
  • You will work with a team of 6 engineers including Full-stack eng, Rust engineer, DevOps Engineer, Front-end eng, tester, etc. We have a solid team to get you up to speed in blockchain concepts.

Technical Qualifications

  • Minimum 2 to 3 years of experience with writing golang in production environments
  • Strong desire to work in the crypto industry
  • Interest in cryptography and secure coding practices is a plus.
  • Experience contributing to open-source golang libraries is a plus

Company: Electron Labs

Website: Company's website

Skills: golangsenior

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