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Flow is a layer one blockchain designed from the ground up as a platform for a new generation of Web3 apps, games, and the digital assets that power them. Flow is home today to millions of users and apps from top tier creators including Genies, Cryptoys, Doodles, and Dapper Labs (NBA, NFL, Disney) as well as industry leaders such as Mattel (Barbie, Hot Wheels), LiveNation / Ticketmaster, and many more.

2024 will be Flow’s biggest year yet. To prepare, Flow recently launched Flow Wallet - a new wallet built from the ground up for Flow. Flow Wallet aims to set the new standard for wallets across all of Web3 by leveraging what’s uniquely possible with Flow’s account abstraction, smart contract programming language Cadence, and mainstream consumer audience.Flow’s mission is to take Web3 mainstream, and Flow Wallet is a big piece of the puzzle for how we’ll get there. We believe it’s unacceptable for users to have to tolerate the possibility of losing their keys, assets or accounts, have to set up their wallets using complex seed phrases, or worry about things like gas fees. At the end of the day, users just want to have fun, and feel safe to explore and experience what Web3 makes possible for them. As a Staff Mobile Engineer, you’ll get to pave the way forward for the Web3 industry at large, and you’ll love that you’ll be empowered to solve the frustrations you have with Web3 wallets first hand.

About the Role

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to level-up Flow Wallet’s development on iOS and/or Android. You’ll get to dive into building awesome new features like account recovery, human readable transactions, secure enclave support, passkey integration and many many more. You’ll be on the front lines of how Web3 will go mainstream, and solve major industry problems like user onboarding to crypto, empowering users to truly own their assets with self-custody, and drive mainstream adoption to Web3 apps.

Here's what your scope will include:

  • Building industry leading wallet features: Flow Wallet is currently working towards becoming the world's first multi-VM wallet, supporting both the Cadence and EVM ecosystems on Flow. You’ll be responsible for thinking big and pioneering first of their kind initiatives in Web3.
  • Producing industry leading wallet security: Flow believes security is a predicate to mass adoption. Users need to be and feel safe in order to feel confident in exploring the universe of apps and assets on Flow. Flow Wallet pioneers Flow native features such as human readable transactions, capability based security with Cadence, and secure enclave integration to pave the way towards industry leading security for our users. You’ll be responsible for the security of users and their assets secured by Flow Wallet.
  • Product-minded software engineering: Flow’s next challenges require engineers who love bridging the gap between product and engineering. The complexities in delivering an industry leading wallet require engineers on Flow Wallet to think through how their software impacts our users, and be mindful of how what we build can impact them. You’ll be responsible for translating product requirements into user value, and understanding how to best get there through the software you create.
  • Self-driven development: Flow believes experienced senior engineers can drive business initiatives from start to finish, work autonomously and use their intuition from experience to guide their success. You’ll be responsible for driving your own product initiatives, and will be given trust and room to make them a success.
  • Delivering mainstream-ready software quality: Flow is gearing up to support not only it’s existing ecosystem of Cadence developers, but also the rest of the Web3 ecosystem of EVM builders. Flow Wallet needs to be ready to support the new user base that EVM on Flow will bring, and your passion for taking Web3 mainstream is what we’ll need to get us there. You’ll be responsible for ensuring Flow Wallet can support and delight users at scale.
  • Your role on Flow Wallet is crucial to the success of Flow. You’ll get experience building with a world-class team of Web3 developers who dream big and are passionate about solving hard problems and delivering real, tangible value for our users.

About you (Qualifications):

  • We don’t believe in a static list of requirements, but will be looking for diverse candidates with demonstrated excellence across each of the above jobs to be done. Examples of additional experiences that will help achieve your mission include: 
  • For iOS development: Expert-level Swift & Swift UI
  • For Android development: Expert-level Kotlin
  • Open source / build in public experience
  • React Native experience
  • Web3 industry experience
  • Experience building on Cadence/Flow! 🌊


Flow is a remote-first team of seasoned technologists dedicated to our mission of mainstream Web3 adoption. Founded in Vancouver, Canada, Flow’s team is now spread primarily across the US and Canada – with small presences in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Less than 6 months from now, Flow delivers Crescendo, its biggest technical upgrade since launching the network. Included in the Crescendo release is Cadence 1.0, a major upgrade of the Cadence programming language which enables fully immutable smart contracts on Flow; as well as full EVM equivalence, allowing Flow to host EVM-based smart contracts, platforms, tooling, and utilities natively and fully composable with the Cadence environments. With Crescendo, Flow will be as easy to deploy onto as any EVM-based Layer 2, while preserving the full capabilities of the rest of the protocol. Crescendo upgrade will catalyze a massive improvement in liquidity on Flow including on- and off-ramps as well as a native DeFi ecosystem that serves as a liquidity backbone for the entire network.

Company: Flow Foundation

Skills: engineer mobile blockchain crypto defi

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