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Our Story Founded by Nuseir Yassin from Nas Daily (53 million followers), the Nas company is home to Nas Daily, Nas Academy, Nas Studios –and Nas.io.

“Nas” means “people” and it has been the foundation of our mission: Bring People Together.

People can do more together. People can find friends, mentors, and accountability partners within a community. At Nas Academy, we have the data to support this: with over 1,500 cohort communities.

And communities today have transformed far beyond the traditional concept of a community.

  • a community can be a group of 100 people who come together every week to share and discuss ideas on Zoom.
  • a community can be 25 people flying in from across the world for a yoga retreat every 3 months.
  • a community can be an influencer’s 1,000 true fans learning from each other in a Telegram group.
  • a community can be 10,000 NFT holders sharing about events and other projects.

Nas.io is building products for people to have a trustworthy and internationally recognized place to start and manage their own communities – including brands, thought leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, content creators, and DAO builders.

As a company, we’ve successfully built communities over and over again – and now, we are building tools and integrations that will allow other people to build communities faster than ever before. Read more on www.nas.io/start-a-community

Who we are:

Nas is a remote-first, global team of talent who are on a mission to bring people together – by building community products. More about us: www.nas.ioWhy work with us:

  • We are a remote-first company with offices in Dubai and Singapore.
  • We are a diverse bunch of over 18 different nationalities, spread around the world from Singapore, Dubai, India, Pakistan, Israel, South Africa, and Philippines.
  • There’s a high chance your current job is boring and that’s why you are looking for something new. We are not boring and we are far from corporate.
  • You love the concept of building communities and are excited about the prospect of building products that will bring people together.
  • You thrive in a fast-paced and fun environment.
  • You enjoy working in a place where you can have your opinions and push the boundaries.
  • We offer a substantial share package. If the company is doing well financially, so will you.

If you believe in our mission and have both the technical and leadership experience in building and scaling a tech team, then come join us as a Head of Engineering! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with experienced engineers/product managers/designers from top companies in the world including Grab, Alibaba, Tokopedia, Ernst & Young, and Visa to build technology from the ground up and scale rapidly.

This is challenging and beyond a full-time job. We are at an early stage. Many of us took a risk to leave jobs at big companies to join this mission of building an amazing product that changes people’s lives. (Trust us, Nas has changed many people’s lives and we won’t stop)


  • Leading the entire Development + Engineering team in Nas and ensuring excellent and prompt delivery of our product features
  • Collaborating with Product Management and Design to plan, prioritise, architecture product features and oversee the entire development cycle.
  • Lead our engineers to turn feature requirements into implementation within Sprint, with tight deadlines and iterate to improve
  • As the Head of Engineering, you may not be involved directly in coding, but you are expected to be very hands-on with the product development in terms of designing/architecting/testing, as we are a very close-knit team.
  • Develop and scale the tech team in terms of both experience and team size to take it from 10-100 in the next 2 years!
  • Participate in product discussion daily on what product/feature should be built for our learning platform and how we build it the right way
  • Responsible for customer-facing and internal platforms to support our students and creators and rapidly iterate to get user feedback
  • Constantly think about how to improve user experience and make the system scalable

Who You Are:

  • You have demonstrated leadership experience in this role, preferably in an early stage start-up. Preferably, you have experience leading a team of 50-100 engineers
  • You have the gravitas and proven capabilities to be a strategic problem solver
  • You have successfully contributed to the hiring and development of an engineering team
  • You have a sharp sense of what the engineering team needs in short and long-term and are able to make strategic decisions to recruit, hire and manage top talents
  • Deep knowledge in a backend and frontend development and designing scalable microservices demonstrated through your past projects
  • You are experienced in cloud platforms and how to set up infrastructures to fit the business needs (performance/scalability/cost/etc) at different stages of the company.
  • You are attentive to details and are not reluctant to ask your engineers to test, test, test a feature many times before shipping it.
  • Ability to speak up and suggest how we can improve our products/features/coding practices.
  • You understand when to defend your grounds or when to take opinions from others as a leader, especially when dealing with different stakeholders
  • Ability to handle pressure with composure and work with the team to resolve technical and business challenges

** Remote position**


Company: Nas Academy

Website: https://nas.io/

Skills: product-managernft

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