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At Candy Digital, we're driven by a single question: How can Web3 technology revolutionize the world of collectibles?

Our mission is to take the passion of being a devoted fan and elevate it to new heights by building a fully immersive digital storefront where fans can buy, sell, and trade their digital collectibles with unique, gamified experiences behind each engagement.

We're proud to have the support of some of the top leaders in the Web3 space, including Galaxy Digital, ConsenSys Mesh, Polygon, and Palm. These partners are revolutionizing how we invest in, build, and interact with digital collectibles. We're excited to work alongside them to create next-generation experiences that deepen fan engagement and connect people to their passions.

Candy is headquartered in New York City, with a hybrid work environment that thrives on community and inclusivity. Led by innovators across the industry, we foster a culture of meaningful engagement and impactful change, always striving to bring enthusiasts closer to the field and reenvision the world of collectibles.

Fandom, reimagined.


We are looking for a product-driven Unity Engineer to join the R&D and Experience team. This Unity Engineer will be accountable for bridging the bond between the engineering, product and experience teams. As an Experience Team, we are accountable for building and modifying our top tier code and product development. We fuel Candy’s success by playing a prominent role in creating the finest products for our customers. You will be part of a reliable, driven and agile team. Above all, you will be accountable for helping Candy create a fandom.

We are searching for creative minds that are excited to take on difficulties in the immediate while providing vision to the future. We want builders, innovators, and those that can not only think outside the box but collaborate outside the box.


We are looking for a Senior Product Designer to join our product organization. We help fuel Candy’s success by pushing the boundaries of what is possible. You’ll help define the end-to-end platform product experience across all of our surfaces, partnering with product, business, marketing, and engineering leaders in building the premium blockchain-powered digital collectible experience. We are seeking someone who is creative with a modern aesthetic, process driven, human-centered, and are excited to closely collaborate within a fast-paced cross-functional team environment. As we are planning roadmap of a new set of new features that need product design, we want someone that is ready to evolve the product - build new features for collectors, conducting design sprints and experimenting.We are searching for creative minds that are excited to take on challenges in the immediate while providing vision to the future. We want builders, innovators, and those that can not only think outside the box but collaborate outside the box.


  • You have at least 5+ years of proven success in a cross-functional product organization effectively collaborating with product management, strategy, design, engineering, brand, as well as third-party partners to bring truly differentiated products & solutions to life.
  • You have the ability to think through product, engineering, design, or growth challenges – bringing independent knowledge as well as the reach and resources of our network to help where needed
  • You are a systems thinker who not only sees the big picture but can get down to the tiniest of details to crafting delightful, usable, human-centered outcomes from whiteboard to wires to prototypes to development-ready assets
  • You have experience scaling products through constant learning and experimentation in fast-paced and rapidly changing industries
  • You have a track record of creating seamless customer journeys using design thinking and agile, iterative product development processes
  • You have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, matched with the ability to tell a story with data
  • You have the ability to think strategically, learn quickly, prioritize effectively, and succeed in fast-paced and uncertain environments while acting autonomously
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for using emerging technology and data to solve unmet user needs
  • You have a love of sports, entertainment, gaming, blockchain & crypto, and/or collectibles!

Why Candy?

  • Our People. You will work with the top players who are the most enterprising, fun, encouraging, and innovative heads and teams. Aka, people you can be proud to work with!
  • Our Mission. We are building something great, and the finest things we create will make the world a better place. Our goal is to deepen our relationship through experiences with fans and collectors globally.
  • Perks. Our team-based culture provides the foundation for people to do their most incredible work and constantly learn and grow. We offer a full slate of benefits, including competitive salaries, stock options, health coverage, and unlimited vacation. Given that we’re an early-stage startup, our benefits package continues to evolve as we do. Your ideas and suggestions matter to us!

Our Investors and Partners.

  • Galaxy Digital is a leading player in the digital asset space, offering cutting-edge investment banking, trading, and asset management services that revolutionize how people invest in digital assets.
  • ConsenSys Mesh is a game-changing platform that empowers developers to build decentralized applications and solutions on the Ethereum blockchain network that will shape the future of the web.
  • Polygon is a blockchain network transforming how we interact with decentralized applications by providing fast, low-cost, and secure transactions using a multi-chain infrastructure.
  • Palm is a revolutionary digital wallet for Web3 that allows users to access decentralized apps and services, giving them control and ownership of their digital assets.

Our Core Values.

  • Trust. We safeguard the goal. We believe we will only succeed if we earn trust – the trust of our people, the trust of our customers, trust of our partners. We will achieve and keep faith at all times.
  • Innovation. We dream big. We’re endlessly curious and constantly searching for the best, the better, and the never-before imagined.
  • Excellence. We take big swings. We have high expectations of ourselves in everything we do.
  • Grit. We drive past the finish line until the last second. Giving up is not an option. We will always find a way.
  • Inclusion. We are team players, and we are in it together. Diverse thinking comes from different thinkers, and we need all perspectives to come together and win.
  • Authenticity. We are the real deal and always authentic in what we create, our dealings with others, and who we are as human beings.
  • Accountability. We carry the ball. We hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. We will be fair and honest and take responsibility for our actions.

Total Compensation Range (Hourly Rate) $45-70hr

Our compensation package currently breaks down into a base salary and an equity component for all employees. The candidate’s seniority and the evaluations made of that candidate during the interview determine compensation.

Company: CANDY

Skills: product designer design non tech senior blockchain

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