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👋 About Beyond Beyond is a community-tech product that helps community-led businesses succeed. We enable them to leverage the power of Web3, automate, and operationalize their communities. Consumer business is becoming more and more community-led, and we're equipping them with the tools to kick ass. The Team We’re a highly ambitious team on a mission to make communities awesome. We care about building a great place to work as much as we care about shipping a great product. That means we take care of each other, we make sure there are opportunities to grow, and you’ll never be bored. We're a fully remote team, sitting in various locations around Europe. Currently, we are three (but about to grow fast!) Katia lives in Berlin and leads the entire commercial side of Beyond, including Sales & Marketing. Alex lives in Barcelona and leads Product & UX. Shane lives in Lisbon and leads Tech & drives business. We're a highly collaborative bunch, who like to challenge each other a lot, in pursuit of great outcomes. We hope you'll challenge us too. You can read more about the team here. 💼 The Role We are a Community Tech company at heart, hence this is a crucial role for us. This role should not be us broadcasting one-sided messages or selling something. It’s about community building. The ideal Community Manager of Beyond is a host at heart and passionate about connecting people and making sure they enjoy engaging with each other. The role implies facilitating a healthy and fruitful environment for the collective of like-minded people we are proud to have gathered around Beyond: Web3 enthusiasts, early supporters, and curious minds who want to learn, grow, help each other and socialize on Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn and at selected industry events or offline meet-ups. You'll play a massive role in shaping the foundation of our company, from setting the tone for written and verbal communication, coming up with creative ways to foster interesting conversations between our community members, and engaging with our growing customer base. As one of the first members of our founding team, we expect you to challenge us in a constructive way and to help us define how we do things. We love innovative approaches and trying new things. Being part of an early-stage startup, you can expect to be working on many different things. Still, your focus will be to grow and nourish our most important asset - our community. Day to day you'll be working closely with the whole team, but mostly with our founders: CCO, CEO, and CPO . This position can grow with the company from an individual contributor to a more senior leadership and management role. Full-time position. Reports to CCO. Engage with our existing community members and on growing our community. Establish a two-sided communication with community members of Beyond. Identify & pick up signals from the community for product improvements, tech bugs and sales opportunities. Scale and nourish the productivity of our community by making sure that people are having a good time with us, helping each other and helping us to grow Beyond. Proactively feedback on what can be done better, how could our product improve and make sure your feedback is being put into action. Define and orchestrate our social media strategy on Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn and other channels to come. Organize selected offline community events. ✌️ About you You are a passionate community builder and Web3 advocate. You are the biggest evangelist for Beyond and understand our product inside out. Creating meaningful connections and making sure people feel comfortable and connect with each other is one of your biggest passion. You consider yourself a creative generalist with a holistic approach to our business. You are a team player and comfortable with feedback. You can not imagine your life without social media and have a proven track record of successful channel management. You don't need a copywriter to proofread what you've written in English. You have original creative ideas and you are eager to implement them. You are friends with analytics that help you define your actions and creative direction. You operate with transparency. You need to be able to explain your thought process and how you’re weighing each decision. 👾 Tech stack You'll mainly "live" on Twitter, Discord, and more sporadically on LinkedIn. We are open to tech stack suggestions for leveling up our social media game to the next level. ❌ What this role is NOT Create visuals Delegating to 100 different agencies and freelancers Full-time event manager Broadcasting one-sided messages to our community 🎁 What you’ll get Flexible hours — we don’t set hard boundaries, as long as you’re able to collaborate with the team effectively. Growth opportunities — we are a growing startup, and you’ll have the opportunity to grow with us. Education — you’ll get time and budget to learn new (work-related) stuff. Exposure to early-stage startup life — we are early, and things are moving fast every day. You’ll be able to directly influence how our product and our company evolve. 🤝 Benefits Remote (Europe), plus budget for co-working space Competitive salary and equity in a fast-growing start-up Latest equipment and home office budget Premium health insurance Paid parental leave Regular off-sites in cool European locations 🎯 What's next? Apply here If this all sounds good to you, apply here 👉 If you feel like you don't meet all requirements for this job posting, don't be afraid to apply anyway. We know impostor syndrome can get in the way, but should not stop us from hiring the best. 🦾 The Process Here’s what to expect: You apply. We aim to get back to you as quickly as possible — most likely within 1-2 days. [30min] Screener call to check the basics and align on the role fit. Examples of your previous work and references [45min] Hiring manager interview — chatting about how you work, how you think, getting to know you (and you getting to know us). [45min] Founders interview — getting to know the other founders, getting a feel for how you’d interact cross-functionally. We’ll get back to you with an answer pretty quick! We don’t have a fixed timeline, but we are a small team and like to act fast. 🎮 Cheat codes (tips to be successful) We like to see your personality shine through in the application. We want to work with great humans! We like to hear about things you've done more than the companies you worked for. It's great if you can highlight the things you've done that you're proud of. Show vs. tell. If you can show evidence of your skills, that helps a lot! We are an early-stage startup! Are you an entrepreneur too? Or aspire to be one? Tell us more.

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