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👋 About Beyond Beyond is a community-tech product that helps community-led businesses succeed. We enable them to leverage the power of Web3, automate, and operationalize their communities. Consumer business is becoming more and more community-led, and we're equipping them with the tools to kick ass. The Team We’re a highly ambitious team on a mission to make communities awesome. We care about building a great place to work as much as we care about shipping a great product. That means we take care of each other, we make sure there are opportunities to grow, and you’ll never be bored. We're a fully remote team, sitting in various locations around Europe. Currently, we are three (but about to grow fast!) Katia lives in Berlin and leads the entire commercial side of Beyond, including Sales & Marketing. Alex lives in Barcelona and leads Product & UX. Shane lives in Lisbon and leads Tech & drives business. We're a highly collaborative bunch, who like to challenge each other a lot, in pursuit of great outcomes. We hope you'll challenge us too. You can read more about the team here. 💼 The Role As our very first hire in Community Acquisition, you will be working hand in hand with Chief Commercial Officer to drive the most important metric: growth. Your main focus will be finding and onboarding new communities on Beyond. You will be spending your time on Twitter, Discord Servers, and LinkedIn fostering connections to Web3 community builders (Operation Managers of DAOs, community managers for NFT projects, Web3 Startup founders, and community managers). You will also attend Web3 offline meet-ups and conferences (NFC Lisbon, Metaverse Summit, EthCC Paris ****, etc) and have meetings with our clients and potential clients IRL. The objective is to convert offline and IRL actions into sales. We expect you to know the Web3 scene inside out and everyone to know you as a Beyond ambassador and a go-to person for client requests. Full-time position. Reports to CCO. Focus on building up the pipeline of community managers and converting them to use Beyond for their communities. You will have clear quarterly targets to hit. You'll have to make sure your conversations and social activities on behalf of Beyond convert into sales - Community Managers buying our subscription. You will work closely with Technical Customer Success Manager to convert communities into active paying users and make sure we retain them. Make sure Beyond clients are well informed about our latest product offering are happy using it and want to buy more. Proactively suggest and implement improvements in our workflows and ways of doing things. This role can evolve into a team lead, community or partnerships position. ✌️ About you You went down the rabbit hole. In fact, you are DEEP down the rabbit hole. You could not imagine working in something that is not Web3. Online: you are living on Discord and Twitter. Offline: you attend every Web3 or crypto-related meet-up/event within your geo range. Nice to have: you are a contributor to several DAOs and a member of Web3 Social Clubs. You are hooked on NFTs. You are a passionate networker and connector. You are a people magnet. You love socializing and people love socializing with you because you are easy-going, fun, interesting and you are a great listener. You always give first and try to provide value. You are an entrepreneur at heart and have a remarkable ability of closing deals. University degree or equivalent experience. You are fluent in English and possibly in 1 to 2 other languages as a nice add-on. 👾 Tech stack You are a Discord, Twitter, and LinkedIn superuser. Google Slides, Google sheets/Excel. CRM (Pipedrive). Comfortable with numbers and data. ❌ What this role is NOT Social Media Manager Old school Sales Manager in a classical sense 🎁 What you’ll get Learn new topics on the job — you get the time and space to ramp up and learn while applying it. Flexible hours — we don’t set hard boundaries, as long as you’re able to collaborate with the team effectively Growth opportunities — we are a growing startup, and you’ll have the opportunity to grow with us Education — you’ll get time and budget to learn new (work-related) stuff Exposure to early-stage startup life — we are early, and things are moving fast every day. You’ll be able to directly influence how our product and our company evolve. 🤝 Benefits Remote (Europe), plus budget for co-working space Competitive salary and equity in a fast-growing start-up Latest equipment and home office budget Premium health insurance Paid parental leave Regular off-sites in cool European locations 🎯 What's next? Apply here If this all sounds good to you, apply here 👉 🦾 The Process Here’s what to expect: You apply We aim to get back to you as quickly as possible — most likely within 1-2 days [30min] Screener call to check the basics, and align on the role fit Practical task and reference check [45min] Hiring manager interview — chatting about how you work, how you think, getting to know you (and you getting to know us) [45min] Founders interview — getting to know the other founders, getting a feel for how you’d interact cross-functionally We’ll get back to you with an answer pretty quickly! We don’t have a fixed timeline to give, but we are a small team and like to act fast. 🎮 Cheat codes (tips to be successful) We like to see your personality shine through in the application. We want to work with great humans! We like to hear about things you've done more than the companies you worked. it's great if you can highlight the things you've done that you're proud of Show vs. tell. If you can show evidence of your skills, that helps a lot! We are an early-stage startup! Are you an entrepreneur too? Or aspire to be one? Tell us more.

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