Aworker Whitelist

Pre-ICO #2 LIVE now

To join the token sale, you must complete KYC

Follow next steps below
1. Enter your personal information, including your Ethereum address. Double check for accuracy.
2. After verification, if all be done your ERC20 compatible ETH address will be added to the whitelist.

Per international KYC standards, your information cannot be changed after you enter it.
If you have entered your information incorrectly, you will not be able to participate in the Aworker whitelist. So please triple check your information to be sure that everything is 100% correct.

Remember, the WORK is a utility token, and blockchain assets of all kinds have an inherently high risk. Contribute at your own risk.
Additionally, American residents must be accredited according to the investor accreditation standards in their respective country. They must upload their accreditation proof with their government-issued document.

Basic Aworker Whitelist details

1. The number of WORK tokens is limited.
2. You will have your ETH wallet address hardcoded into the ICO and will automatically receive your WORK tokens.
3. Aworker ICO will be held on May 26. Whitelist participants will get WORK tokens automatically with the first ICO contributors.
4. The minimum purchase amount is 0.5 ETH. We only accept ETH and BTC during the whitelist.

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