Smart Contract Engineer

Job at Treasure X


New York City Metropolitan Area (On-site)

Full time

About the job

What You’ll Do

  • Develop secure contracts that make up our entirely on-chain architecture (Cairo & Solidity)
  • Create both internal and public tooling that will help us and the ecosystem move faster
  • Create smart contracts on the Ethereum L1 that bridge over critical data, such as Uniswap TWAP rates or Aave overnight rates (Solidity)
  • Think from first principles to tackle challenges at the cutting edge of cryptography, smart contracts and data - prioritizing safety and robustness


  • You're living in NYC and willing to come to the office
  • You have deployed smart contracts to mainnet before that have traction (in terms of usage and / or TVL and / or transaction volume)
  • >2y of professional experience, bonus if you've worked in smart contract auditing (e.g. OpenZeppelin, Nethermind, Consensys, Trails Of Bits, Zelic...)
  • Please share your GitHub account, and if possible link to some of the smart contracts you've worked on
  • Big bonus if you've experience with the Starknet ecosystem (specifically the Cairo programming language)
  • You must live in New York prior to applying!

Our Offer

  • Be at the cutting edge of web3 and help build critical infrastructure for the future of Ethereum
  • Learn together with a world-class team, and our friends at StarkWare and within the StarkNet ecosystem
  • A fast-paced, no bullshit work environment that has high expectations and helps you achieve them
  • Work on a project that is growing extremely quickly and has clear product-market fit in an existing market — while also pursuing moonshot opportunities to re-define trustless data fetching
  • Above-market compensation and meaningful equity

Company: Treasure X

Website: Company's website

Skills: solidityprogramming

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