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Worldwide Webb is an interoperable pixel art MMORPG metaverse game giving utility to popular NFT projects. The game uses NFTs for in-game avatars, pets, lands, items, and quests. Deployed with a build-first mentality by a group of crypto-native game developers, artists, coders, and marketers; rapidly pushing out new technologies and applications.

Your Impact

You'll lead our journey to the outer realms of the gaming metaverse, building deep connections with our game universe and blockchain technology. As a Smart Contract Shaman, you will use your technical powers to guide us in the creation of the most groundbreaking and transcendental blockchain-based gaming experiences imaginable, disrupting the traditional gaming industry and giving ownership back to the player.


  • Conjure up innovative blockchain-based gaming experiences that are both otherworldly and transformative
  • Develop and deploy smart contracts and dApps on the Ethereum blockchain for our metaverse gaming platform
  • Collaborate with game designers, artists, and other developers to bring life to our vision
  • Conduct code reviews, testing, and debugging, ensuring the quality, security, and performance of our blockchain-based game
  • Explore the far reaches of the metaverse and bring back new insights and knowledge to contribute to the development of our gaming roadmap
  • You will have a deep understanding of Solidity based smart contracts
  • You have shipped at least one project to mainnet
  • You will have significant experience writing comprehensive smart contract test suites
  • You are a well versed Software Engineer with experience programming in Javascript, Typescript or C++ etc.
  • You will have a passion for gaming and a deep connection to the spiritual realms of the gaming universe
  • Working with best-in-class design enthusiasts, pixel art aficionados, nostalgic gamers, world builders, anti-conformists, vaporwave fanatics, video game historians, lore masters, speed runners, easter egg hunters, modders, code wizards, database gurus, and hackers.
  • Work from anywhere (100% remote)
  • Competitive compensation, benefits, and perks

Company: Worldwide Webb

Skills: devsolidityethereumnftjavascript

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