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At Chainstack, we are building a fully integrated suite of services for Web3 builders.

Thousands of innovators in blockchain, DeFi, NFT gaming and analytics, and other verticals are empowered by scalable distributed Chainstack APIs. We process billions of requests on daily basis and provide unified, user-friendly access for developers to all prominent Web3 protocols—from Ethereum and Polygon to Solana.

This is a great entry-level opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of Web3 and the blockchain space from all perspectives—from end-user challenges to the developer experience in building and running decentralized applications and tooling.

As the marketing veteran Seth Godin put it perfectly: "Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem. Their problem. Marketing involves very little in the way of shouting, hustling, or coercion. It’s a chance to serve, instead."

Replace "marketing" with "scouting" and you get the gist of this role.

As an ecosystem scout, you will be conducting market intelligence into the ecosystem of a protocol, understand the challenges and the opportunities of each of the projects in their Web3 infrastructure use and do an internal report. You will then hand off the report to the Sales team.

Your major goal is to convert the report into a happy customer through the Sales team.

Role and responsibilities

  • Own several of the protocols supported by Chainstack. This involves going through multiple protocol ecosystem lists, always being on the lookout for new projects, identifying the needs of the existing projects that are not Chainstack customers, and so on.
  • Be the protocol's ecosystem expert that knows exactly what's going on and what's going to happen—for example, a major project from a DeFi vertical migrating from one chain to a different one.
  • Produce internal reports on the ecosystem's projects with the goal of converting them to customers.
  • Produce and test your assumptions about a project you are producing a report on. For example, does the project need a certain API call that will help them grow faster and scale better with Chainstack.
  • Work closely with the developer advocates, developer relations, product and marketing teams to aid you in the research and to help promote the Chainstack expertise.
  • Continuously iterate over and fine-tune the project assessment criteria.
  • Continuously iterate over the process of producing the reports for the Sales team and identify gaps in the ecosystem and technical knowledge.

Job requirements

  • Insatiable desire to get the core Web3 experience.
  • Willingness to get hands-on technical knowledge.
  • Demonstrated ability to research and understand new and unfamiliar subjects.
  • Desire to teach and communicate effectively with others.

This is a great way to get into Web3 where you'll learn a lot with zero industry buzz words, all hardcore knowledge. You will be in the company of Web3 developers for technical experience, product people for the Web3 infrastructure implementation, and sales and account people for the real production needs of real customers.

A bootcamp is also available for the role as well as initial support and assessment.

We offer

  • Salary in USD
  • Stock options
  • Bleeding edge tech stack
  • Lack of bureaucracy
  • Flexible schedule
  • Global fast-growing market
  • Multinational team

Company: Chainstack

Website: Company's website

Skills: solanaremotenft

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