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Security Automation Blockchain Engineer at PureStake We are looking for a Security Automation Blockchain Engineer who will report directly to the VP of Blockchain Engineering and who will contribute to the security of the Moonbeam blockchain by taking the lead on our testing suite. This includes exploring security aspects and threat vectors of the blockchain, writing different kinds of tests, and developing the framework to support the evolution of the network and new features. Ideally, the candidate has creativity in designing tests, is familiar with software hacking techniques and with blockchain development. All engineers working on moonbeam are responsible for their own automated unit and functional tests. The tests this position will be responsible for go beyond these tests to further prove the safety of the system. Moonbeam (https://moonbeam.network/) is a public, permissionless, developer-oriented blockchain that focuses on cross-chain interoperability scenarios. It has a full rust-based implementation of the Ethereum technology stack including the EVM, RPCs, etc. It also implements multiple cross-chain messaging protocols including XCM, Axelar, Nomad, and others. Moonbeam is developed using the Substrate framework, however, the security test automation framework is developed in TypeScript. We are a product and a technology-led company that targets developers as customers. This is your opportunity to participate in building and growing a significant L1 ecosystem that is poised for growth, including bringing your ideas and experience into its security. Reach out to us if you are interested in helping to drive a connected future where cross-chain integration opens new opportunities, enables new efficiencies, and brings communities together. Responsibilities Develop automated tests that verify the proper functioning of the blockchain with an eye toward improving the security of the network. Develop and progress the automation framework that is used to execute tests. Participate in automated deployment and operations of multiple blockchain networks. Assist with the integration of existing tools and services into the blockchain Assist with supporting developers using the platform on an as-needed basis. Communicate regularly and clearly with other team members and also with other ecosystem participants. Create high-quality software documentation and other written assets to document and explain how the code you have written functions. Qualifications Bachelor's degree or equivalent, 5+ years of relevant programming experience. Experience with TypeScript is required. Experience with Solidity / Ethereum / EVM is a big plus. Experience with Test Automation is a plus. Experience with Rust is a plus. Experience with core client development for crypto or blockchain-based systems is a plus.

Company: PureStake

Website: Company's website

Company size: 11-50

Skills: securitydevblockchainremotesolidityethereumrust

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