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As a Software Engineer for our Core Database Engineering team you will join skilled engineers and core database developers responsible for developing hosted cloud analytics infrastructure, distributed SQL processing frameworks, proprietary data science platforms, and core database optimization. This team is responsible for building the automated, intelligent, and highly performant query planner and execution engines, RPC calls between data warehouse clusters, shared secondary cold storage, etc. This includes building new SQL features and customer-facing functionality, developing novel query optimization techniques for industry-leading performance, and building a database system that's highly parallel, efficient and fault-tolerant. This is a vital role reporting to senior engineering leadership. Responsibilities Writing code with tools like Apache Apache Arrow + Apache Ignite to build a hosted, multi-cluster data warehouse for Web3 Developing database optimizers, query planners, query and data routing mechanisms, cluster-to-cluster communication, and workload management techniques Scaling up from proof of concept to “cluster scale” (and eventually hundreds of clusters with hundreds of terabytes each), in terms of both infrastructure/architecture and problem structure Codifying best practices for future reuse in the form of accessible, reusable patterns, templates, and code bases to facilitate metadata capturing and management Collaborate with a team of software engineers writing new code to build a bigger, better, faster, more optimized HTAP database (using Apache Arrow, Apache Ignite, and a wealth of other open source data tools) Interacting with exec team and senior engineering leadership to define, prioritize, and ensure smooth deployments with other operational components Highly engaged with industry trends within the analytics domain from a data acquisition processing, engineering, and management perspective Understand data and analytics use cases Skills & Qualifications Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in computer science or related technical field. 5+ years of experience engineering software and distributed systems / enterprise-scale data warehouses 3+ years of experience with C++ or Rust and familiarity with Apache open source projects (Apache Arrow, Ignite, Geode, Iceberg, Spark or similar) A track record of recruiting and leading technical teams in a demanding talent market Rock solid engineering fundamentals; query planning, optimizing, and distributed data warehouse systems experience Knowledge of concurrency, multithreading, and synchronization is a plus Experience with rapid development cycles in a web-based environment Strong scripting and test automation knowledge Nice to have: Knowledge of blockchain indexing, web3 compute paradigms, Proofs, and consensus mechanisms… is a strong plus but not required Benefits ˖ Ultra competitive salaries ˖ Medical, dental, and vision insurance, disability/life insurance ˖ 401(k) Plan ˖ Aggressive bonus structure and/or Space and Time token allocations (similar to stock options)Very flexible PTO and paid holidays and flexible workweek ˖ Very flexible remote work options ˖ A massive list of perks including discretionary add-on bonuses for hard work, and attending exciting events/conferences/parties, we’re headquartered on the beach near LA (but don’t mind you working remotely) Space and Time is an EOE and committed to building a diverse team

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Skills: rustc++remote

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