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About Lava:

At Lava we believe blockchain data should be accurate and access to this data should be scalable, private, and uncensored.  Our mission is to create a marketplace for blockchain data via aligned token incentives and an open-source protocol for RPC nodes and APIs.  We are backed by some of the top crypto-native venture capital funds and angel investors.

With a deep technical background in cybersecurity, we have extensive experience in finding, exploiting, or patching digital vulnerabilities.  As a team we are accomplished founders, CTOs, engineers, and business people inspired to support the creativity blockchains are unlocking and its future applications.  

Lava is remote-first with team members from across the world. 

Where we need help:

Engineers from across the world are working together to build on our open source code-base built on the Cosmos SDK ecosystem. Lava Network is seeking a meticulous, frontend-focused Full Stack Team Lead to join our rapidly growing team.

Job duties:

  • Lead scrum team through planning, daily meeting and execution, and retrospective
  • Mentor and grow team members through 1:1 meetings, tech design, code review, testing and problem solving
  • Work closely with Product manager on the roadmap, sprint and user stories.
  • Work closely with DevOps team to make the team and dev cycle more efficient
  • Work with other R&D teams to progress company-wide projects
  • Make technological Research and proof of concepts for innovative ideas and new technology
  • Reporting directly to SVP Engineering

Technical Knowledge:

  • Full stack development with Nodejs, Typescript, Next JS, React, Golang
  • Web protocols: HTTP 1.1/2, WebSockets, GRPC, REST, JsonRPC
  • Databases - Postgresql
  • Working in containerized environment (Docker, Kuberenets)
  • Working in cloud environment (AWS/GCP) and cloud native tools such as LBs, Api Gateway
  • Backend architecture such as Pub-Sub, 3-layer app, Event streaming, Serverless, GraphQL, NoSQL,
  • Production engineering:
  • Handling production environment, monitoring, alerts, debugging, etc
  • Deployment strategies: Canary, Gradual rollouts
  • Working in a CI/CD environment

About our Culture:We are passionate about what we're doing and our distributed global team is already working well together from 8 different countries.  We feel our shared values are the secret to our energized culture. 

Our Values:

  • We are learning and unafraid of asking basic questions
  • We each take the initiative, we are capable and reliable
  • We respect each other's time because it is valuable
  • We choose our battles
  • Feedback delivered with kindness is great, even if difficult to say or hear
  • We listen with the intent to understand and change our mind
  • We pick up the phone to resolve friction
  • We take ownership of misses and direct praise to the team
  • We choose joy to increase positivity 

Company: Lava Network

Skills: full stack lead aws blockchain crypto nodereactJs

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