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About MRGN Labs: MRGN Labs believes in an accessible, decentralized future. We build scalable infrastructure projects on Solana with an eye toward DeFi applications. We’re actively contributing to marginfi, the margin protocol for trading across Solana. It unifies the trading experience across markets through mechanisms that automate margin management and maximize capital efficiency. marginfi is designed for sophisticated traders and has an exciting roadmap that will unlock complex trading strategies in the Solana ecosystem. Our team consists of experienced professionals with backgrounds in quantitative research, machine learning, robotics, cybersecurity, digital identity, data science, MLOps, and DevOps. We’re an early-stage startup with a flat organizational structure and a need for speed. Who We’re Looking for: We are seeking a senior software engineer to be a core part of the team. Set the standard for a nascent codebase and set the stage for more secure, usable, and comprehensive financial products on Solana. We are looking for someone who is excited to build from the ground up, who believes in open source code, and who has a conviction that globally accessible markets will change the world for the better. The Opportunity: Lead the development and design of the Marginfi mobile platform. Establish new uncharted grounds with nascent crypto native mobile app development. Work closely with other core contributors to outline and build our product. Collaborate with leading ecosystem projects. Drive a focused engineering culture and set the stage for best practices in DeFi. Preferred Qualifications: Proficiency with mobile platform-level languages like React Native / Swift / Kotlin. Disciplined approach to software design and building that yields maintainable code with low assumptions. Eye for aesthetics and the ability to transform complex interfaces into user experiences that empower the user. Belief in the benefits of open source contribution Passion for software development, DeFi, and cryptocurrencies Experience using trading platforms. Benefits: Extremely competitive salary and benefits 100% employer-paid health insurance for you and all of your dependents (health PPO, dental, vision) Wellness benefits & workspace / equipment budget A focused, driven team to get you pumped every day

Company: MRGN Labs

Website: Company's website

Skills: devmobileseniorremotereactreact nativesolanareact-native

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