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Interested in working on cutting-edge blockchain technology and creating equitable access to the global financial system? Since 2014, the mission-driven team at the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) has helped fuel the tremendous growth of the Stellar blockchain network, an open-source platform that operates at high scale today. Developers and companies around the world build on it, and the SDF team is expanding to support the rapidly growing and changing Stellar ecosystem.

The launch of Stellar’s new native smart contracts platform brings a wealth of opportunity for innovation for financial applications and beyond. As a Senior Project Manager for the Ecosystem Team, your role will be pivotal in supporting developer teams and startups as they transform project ideas into impactful Stellar-based solutions. You will be part of a team spearheading scalable one-to-many programs and initiatives that spur development of projects in the Stellar ecosystem, most notably the Stellar Community Fund (SCF), an open-application awards program based on community input that embodies our commitment to supporting developers and startups building on Stellar.

In this role, you will:

  • Lead Strategic Development: Develop and execute a strategy for supporting projects as they transition from SCF funding to sustainable growth. Focus on scalable and impactful one-to-many programs that drive the long-term success of projects.
  • Identify Growth Opportunities and Foster Strategic Connections: Play a pivotal role in recognizing and nurturing the growth potential of SCF-funded projects and connecting them within the Stellar ecosystem as well as to the wider entrepreneurial landscape. Develop a deep understanding of each project’s unique growth trajectory and needs. Actively facilitate connections with accelerators and incubators that align with the project's growth stage and objectives.
  • Manage Funding and Startup Growth Relationships and Resources: Source and evaluate potential funding and further development opportunities tailored to the specific needs of SCF-funded projects. Establish and maintain relationships with a diverse range of partners focused on early-stage technology investing.
  • Drive Program Excellence: Oversee all aspects of program management, from requirements documentation and milestone mapping to prioritization and communication.
  • Measure Impact and Success: Develop and employ robust metrics to evaluate the growth, traction, and impact of SCF-funded teams. Use this data-driven approach to continually refine and adjust program strategies, ensuring maximum effectiveness and scalability.
  • Champion Collaborative Innovation: Work closely with other members on the Ecosystem team to form a high-throughput funnel of projects, and align program initiatives with various SDF teams, including Business Development, Product, Investments, Liquidity, DevRel, and Marketing.
  • Stay Ahead of Industry Trends: Maintain a deep understanding of the evolving Stellar ecosystem and broader blockchain industry. Translate industry developments into actionable insights that inform program strategies and partnership choices.

You have:

  • Proven Experience in Startup Ecosystems: At least 4 years of professional experience working with startups in accelerators, incubators, grant- or investment programs, or similar initiatives focused on startup growth and development.
  • Strong Program Management Skills: A minimum of 4 years of experience in program management or program development, ideally within the blockchain industry, that demonstrates your ability to manage end-to-end programs with minimal supervision.
  • Strategic Thinking Skills and the Ability to Innovate: You possess a creative, driven, entrepreneurial mindset, and are capable of developing innovative strategies for scalable and sustainable programs. Your approach is strategic, yet flexible, adapting to new challenges and opportunities.
  • Self-Direction and Drive: Your work >
  • Data-Driven Decision Making Experience: Proficiency in developing, tracking, and interpreting metrics to gauge project success and impact. You understand how to use data to inform strategy and program adjustments.
  • Exceptional Communication and Collaboration Skills: Strong ability to communicate complex blockchain concepts to diverse teams and stakeholders. Your analytical skills help in understanding and explaining blockchain-based solutions effectively.
  • Leadership and Vision: Ability to lead with vision in a fast-paced environment, guiding projects towards long-term success and integration into the broader ecosystem.
  • Passion for Blockchain and Ecosystem Development: Demonstrated interest and knowledge in blockchain technologies and trends. You are enthusiastic about learning and contributing to the growth of entrepreneurial and blockchain ecosystems.

Bonus Points if:

  • Prior experience in blockchain ecosystems and a demonstrated interest and knowledge of blockchain technologies and industry trends.
  • Have an extensive network of accelerators, incubators, grant- or investment programs, or similar initiatives focused on startup growth and development.

We offer competitive pay with a base salary range for this position of $125,000 - $165,000 depending on job-related knowledge, skills, experience, and location. 

Company: Stellar Development Foundation

Skills: project manager non tech senior blockchain

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