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This is a stub while we update this.  We are hiring for a first Growth/Marketing hire.  Our team is almost exclusively engineering right now.  You will take on significant responsibility to grow our presence and voice. 

Please feel free to drop your resume here and we will schedule a time to meet with you to discuss further.

In the meantime, here is a tiny bit about us:

Monad is creating the foundation for a new world of powerful decentralized applications. We’re doing this by building a new ultra high-performance EVM-compatible blockchain supporting 10,000 TPS, and by supporting a growing ecosystem of app developers leveraging the high throughput and interactivity of this new platform.

Our mission is to enable a new universe of apps—use cases and user flows that are currently impossible—that take advantage of this efficient, interconnected environment, ultimately unleashing the power of decentralization to make the world more efficient and fair.

About Monad

Monad Labs is an early-stage venture-backed crypto startup founded by HFT engineers from Jump Trading. We are working on the most impactful problem in crypto: building a high-performance blockchain to address severe bottlenecks in existing systems.

The Monad blockchain offers the best of both worlds for dapp developers: performance and portability. Our key differentiator is combining extremely high performance with EVM compatibility. To do this, our team solves challenging problems in distributed systems and low-level optimization.

After strict focus on developing our core infra and technology, Monad blockchain is quickly approaching its Testnet v0 release. Ahead of that launch, we are excited to welcome our first growth hire.

Company: Monad

Website: Company's website

Skills: operationscontent managerremotemarketing

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