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Arguably, one of the biggest challenges in Ethereum after scaling is to help developers to build and scale zkDApps (Dapps with built-in privacy guarantees powered by Zero-Knowledge Proofs). You could join the project and help a limitless number of use cases benefit through built-in privacy.

The Company

The project is built in accordance with first principles, by applying cutting-edge cryptographic constructions such as zkSNARKs to design and deploy protocols with high performance and strong privacy/security guarantees.

What they expect of you

  • Deep understanding of Web3 culture, especially deeply engaged with the Ethereum community
  • Deep understanding of zero-knowledge proofs, not necessarily a cryptographer but have a solid understanding of where, how, and when ZK should be used in applications
  • You have strong opinions about the future of privacy in Ethereum
  • You’re an inspiring communicator, in writing and in person

What Next

If you read this far, I guess you are interested in hearing more.

For an informal chat, please reach out to or drop me a message on LinkedIn. CV/Resume not up to date? Not to worry, send me what you have or even just a quick note on why you’re interested in the role, and we can deal with that later. Everyone will get a response.

Company: Scale Genesis

Skills: leadethereum

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