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OKX is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges. We help millions of people buy and sell bitcoin, and over 30 other crypto assets every day — but our work is a whole lot more than that. We’re building an inclusive future of finance, one that opens new opportunities to learn financial literacy, store value, and build wealth for everyone.

Ready to help the next billion people experience the future of finance with us? Come on board. We have offices in San Jose, San Francisco, Austin, Malta, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dublin, and Japan.

Job description:

  • Responsible for overseas social media operations, establish and improve social media operation systems and standardized processes, and be responsible for overseas social media operation results;
  • For different overseas promotion channels, carry out marketing and promotion activities, coordinate all aspects of resources to cooperate with implementation, have effective judgment on the promoted products, follow up the promotion effect in a timely manner, and put forward adjustment suggestions according to the promotion effect, including the planning and implementation of various marketing operation plans;
  • Responsible for formulating plans and guiding the operation team to work to achieve efficient operation, including user demand analysis, content design optimization, traffic analysis, etc., and lead the entire team to achieve operational goals;
  • Regularly sort out and analyze various operations data , write operation analysis reports in a timely manner, and put forward reasonable suggestions;
  • According to the company's strategy and the needs of overseas target markets, assist in the positioning and negotiation of overseas partners;
  • Establish and continuously optimize the operation process, team talent management and training.

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor degree or above, English and Chinese as working language (required), more than 3 years of overseas platform experience (excellent conditions can be relaxed);
  • Have rich experience in overseas social media operations, have systematic methodology and practical experience, and can lead the completion of monthly, quarterly and annual operation tasks.
  • Good at improving the actual traffic and conversion rate of various online marketing promotion methods;
  • Familiar with operation planning, risk assessment, able to independently plan and execute product promotion and marketing activities;
  • Strong learning ability, clear thinking, innovative spirit and resilience.

Company: OKX

Skills: executive social media non tech crypto

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