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About Tren Finance

Tren.Finance functions as an advanced CDP protocol, devoted to unlocking liquidity across a diverse array of cryptocurrencies. The platform introduces isolated lending markets fueled with trenUSD, offering users the flexibility to utilize over 100+ different assets as collateral for loans. Whether it's meme coins, LP tokens, options vaults, LSTs, LRTs, or any other asset, all are welcome. We extend a warm invitation to new members to join us on the journey to Mainnet.

  • Our focus lies on valuing results over mere efforts or processes.
  • We are in search of individuals dedicated to participating in long-term endeavors within a community that prioritizes enduring relationships.
  • We welcome individuals with a passion for DeFi and a keen desire to learn about this dynamic sector.
  • We are looking for individuals who actively engage with DeFi protocols themselves, as we are addressing pain points experienced by users like us.
  • And above all, we value good vibes!

About the role

Currently, we are seeking a DeFi native Marketing Lead to drive the growth of Tren Finance on all of our community channels. You will be promoting the adoption of the protocol through informative content creation together with the design team. In collaboration with the community team, you will be instrumental in designing and executing engaging campaigns and events to foster community growth. 


  • Attain an in-depth understanding of our product and service offerings, empowering the capability to replicate and effectively present them on the spot.
  • Develop comprehensive social media and community strategies across diverse channels to nurture brand awareness, enhance community engagement, and mold the brand identity of Tren Finance.
  • Create and manage an organized content calendar encompassing both long-form and short-form content for various community channels such as Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Formulate a content marketing strategy, leading engaging initiatives for target markets, including effective social media and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) strategies.
  • Establish, oversee, expand, and cultivate dynamic online communities on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Medium, and others. This involves strategic planning and crafting high-quality, engaging content, activities, and campaigns.
  • Respond promptly to comments and inquiries, seizing marketing opportunities and areas for improvement, and provide reports on feedback and online reviews.
  • Engage authentically with the community and other relevant stakeholders daily, acting as the project representative through official social media accounts.
  • Conceptualize imaginative social activities to enhance community engagement and foster an active and interconnected community.
  • Develop and communicate use cases for Tren Finance.
  • Execute PR campaigns.
  • Collaborate closely with product, engineering, and business development teams to launch effective feature campaigns.
  • Analyze market trends, insights, competition, and network participant behaviors to identify growth opportunities.
  • Identify and establish strategic partnerships to facilitate growth and market penetration.
  • Utilize data-driven insights to measure performance, identify bottlenecks, and refine tactics.


  • Proven success over 2+ years in marketing-related roles.
  • Proficient understanding of DeFi protocols such as AAVE, MakerDAO, Curve, Uniswap, etc.
  • Strong grasp of the functionalities of CDP protocols.
  • In-depth knowledge of the DeFi space, supported by a demonstrated track record in previous crypto positions and/or extensive experience as a proficient user in DeFi.
  • Experience working with engagement platforms like Galxe and Zealy
  • Capacity for innovative thinking, exploring unconventional avenues for community growth.
  • Quick learning aptitude fueled by a profound affinity for the industry, our products/services, and the envisioned future.
  • Exceptional proficiency in both written and verbal English communication.
  • Previous hands-on experience with CRM systems, Notion, and Excel.
  • Familiarity with marketing tools available on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Nice to have

  • Basic experience working with Figma for effective collaboration with designers
  • Developer advocacy related work previously
  • Existing personal brand on twitter, youtube, etc.
  • Consistently engaging in other communities
  • understanding of Discord and experience with Discord Bots


  • Work entirely from a remote location.
  • Enjoy a flexible working schedule.
  • Receive a monthly salary paid in USDT/USDC
  • Token allocation
  • Join a founding team and actively contribute with your valued input.
  • Make use of paid AI and research tools like Token Terminal, Messari Enterprise, Glassnode, Blockworks, and more.

Company: Tren Finance

Skills: marketing lead lead marketing non tech ads

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