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Ideal candidate traits✍️ A writer. You love writing and enjoy the challenge of distilling technical concepts into clear and engaging written materials.📕 A storyteller. You have deep empathy for users and are able to adapt how you communicate to best reach and engage your audience—from developer to CFO—and differentiate the company🤩 Adept at synthesis. You can partner with domain experts across the company to gather insights about our capabilities, the industry, and competitive trends, and distill them into compelling content that demonstrates the company's thought leadership and innovation.📆 You are able to manage highly interdependent projects and keep various work streams on track by building processes and content calendars.👩🎓 A student of technology. You are keen to learn about how things work and are able to explain technical concepts in ways that are accessible to all readers🪙 Interest in web3. You want to learn more about web3 and blockchain tech and are eager to go deep into this space.

Company: Cyberjin

Skills: head of marketing marketing non tech executive blockchain

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