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Revolutionizing Islamic Finance with Blockchain Technology

Are you ready to be part of a groundbreaking initiative that combines Islamic finance principles with cutting-edge blockchain technology?


At CAIZ, our mission is clear: to create a Fiqh compliant financial ecosystem that provides our community with fair and easy access to ethical financial products and services. We believe in empowering individuals to build a strong financial future while engaging in long-term economically beneficial behavior.

Our native coin, CAIZcoin, that fuels the CAIZblockchain. With CAIZcoin, you can make seamless payments, store value, and interact with a range of ethical financial products we are developing. The centerpiece of our ecosystem is the innovative CAIZapp, giving users complete control over their digital assets.

We are a passionate team reshaping finance, and we are expanding our dynamic workforce. Join us in a collaborative work environment focused on creating a fast and compliant money transfer structure.


We are in search of an experienced Brand Manager to lead efforts in building and enhancing our brand identity while increasing brand awareness. In this crucial role, you will collaborate closely with all levels and departments of our company to discern the unique aspects that set us apart in our industry and market.


  • Shape and effectively communicate our company's vision and mission, ensuring alignment with the brand identity
  • Translate brand elements, values, and guidelines into comprehensive plans and go-to-market strategies to drive brand success
  • Take the lead in creative development efforts, aiming to inspire the target audience to take desired actions that align with the brand's objectives
  • Prepare detailed performance specifications, cost and pricing parameters, market applications, and revenue estimates to support brand initiatives
  • Measure and report the performance of all marketing campaigns, assessing their return on investment and metrics
  • Stay vigilant about market trends, conduct research on consumer markets, and closely monitor competitor activities to identify opportunities and challenges
  • Continuously monitor both new and ongoing marketing and promotional activities, ensuring they align with the brand's core values and objectives
  • Keep a close eye on product distribution and consumer responses, making adjustments as needed to enhance brand positioning
  • Develop innovative growth strategies that are in line with the brand's identity and goals
  • Ensure the alignment of the company's decision-making, tactics, and direction with the established brand identity



  • 3+ years of work experience in a Brand Manager role
  • Knowledge or experience in Finance and/or Decentralized Finance and/or Cryptocurrency/Blockchain
  • Proven ability to develop brand and marketing strategies and provide recommendations to senior management, demonstrating a track record of successful strategic planning
  • Experience in identifying target audiences and creating effective marketing campaigns that resonate with and engage the intended demographic
  • Excellent knowledge of the overall marketing mix, including a deep understanding of product, price, place, and promotion considerations
  • Possession of strong analytical skills complemented by a creative mindset, enabling the development of data-driven but imaginative marketing solutions
  • Data-oriented thinking, with a strong affinity for numbers, allows for the effective use of data and analytics in decision-making and strategy refinement
  • Ability to strategize and solve problems, addressing challenges in brand and marketing efforts with a goal-oriented and proactive approach
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, facilitating effective collaboration with team members, senior management, and external partners to convey the brand's message and objectives

Level of studies: Diploma, Bachelor or Master Degree in Marketing, Design or similar

Language Requirements: Fluent in German and English

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Company: CAIZ

Skills: brand remote blockchain

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