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About Go Wfo

GO WFO is a groundbreaking startup aiming to revolutionize the extreme sports industry. Our project holds the potential to revolutionize the landscape of extreme sports, targeting an industry with up to 400 million enthusiasts, 4 million creators, and approximately $200 billion in transactions.

For the past two years, we have been developing a community network ecosystem with an events management system, multi-vendor merchandise solutions, livestreaming, and other applications and service offerings. We're fully embracing cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, social tokens, and both WFO community and Creator NFT collections.


As an equity-based part-time co-founder, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with our team of exceptional and seasoned co-founders who have pioneered numerous national and international ventures, amassing sales of several hundred million and a capital raise surpassing $500 million.

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Title: Content Creator

Our venture thrives on content, from videos, interviews, live event reporting, presentations, and everything in between. Due to the amount of content we wish to create, we need the surrounding community around it.Working as part of a media and marketing team will be an ongoing part of this role. Taking direction from a media director and contributing to the marketing team is essential. We also welcome any ideas and creative development that any team member brings to the table.


  • On-screen “talent” for video content used on our OTT Channel, YouTube, podcasts, social media, etc.
  • Community support and involvement via social media, forums, events online and IRL as needed
  • Written content creation for blogs, articles, etc. is a plus (not required)
  • Front facing personality of WFO Extreme Sports Community Network


As you can imagine, the right personality plays a huge role in being able to execute this job correctly. Here are some other things we are looking for. Please understand that this job does not include a large amount of training. The ideal candidate will need to have a considerable amount of knowledge and understanding of the content we’ll be making.

  • Vibrant and welcoming on-screen personality.
  • Moderate to deep level knowledge of extreme sports (or willing to dive into the industry).
  • Ability to communicate to an audience clearly and professionally.

This is a unique opportunity to join a leading Web3 company and help design the future of the decentralized web. If you have the skills and experience to lead this complex product area, we want to hear from youInnovative Growth & AspirationsWe're at the frontier of technology adoption, integrating a community network with innovative elements like blockchain and NFTs to redefine the industry's interaction landscape.🌐 🚀 Why Join UsSeize the chance to work alongside international co-founders in a pioneering venture set to redefine the extreme sports sphere. Elevate the user experience with us. Shape the digital future with GO WFO!

Company: WFO

Skills: blockchain nft

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