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About anotherblock: The music business is plagued by a paradox. It’s quick to change in the face of new media and tech, but tough to crack in terms of the rightsholders power structures. Though streaming has saved the radio star and has turned into a billion-dollar industry, the revenue from streaming music does not benefit the overwhelming majority of creators, reinforcing the unfair power structures that have long been part of the recording business. In other words, if streaming music was a country, its income inequality would be one of the highest on the planet. The anotherblock platform aims to tokenize music rights—and the cash flows associated with those rights—by issuing NFTs. Typically, this is an asset class reserved for institutional investors and accredited investors, but the structure of anotherblock's offerings would allow us to sell fractionalized music rights to the public. This way we democratize music and make it possible for retail investors and fans to invest in their favorite artists. anotherblock has created a way for artists and creators to share royalties via NFTs. When artists divest a share of their streaming rights on anotherblock - the divested share’s future streaming revenues from DSPs like Spotify and Apple Music will be made claimable by collectors through the platform. anotherblock executes the payment on-chain to all NFT holders, ensuring that the payment goes out accurately and transparently, something that was nearly impossible before blockchain. All of this means that the NFT holders of our music rights will receive their rightful royalty portions. All tracks released on anotherblock are collateralized by an underlying real-world contract between the NFT holders and the rightsholder. This contract guarantees ownership of the streaming rights to the NFT holder also in the real world. The contract is stored on IPFS and can be accessed through the NFT. About the role: We are searching for a degen that instinctively takes on multi-channel partnership outreach and has got a third sense for which Web3 projects are up and coming. You know intuitively which communities would be a good match for collaborations and aren’t shy to jump into meetings with the team and potential communities ad hoc. You probably have an established Web3 network already and would be delighted to expand it even further. You will be working autonomously but at the same time be part of the CCM team (Content, Community & Management) where you will get the support you need. If this sounds like you, we want to get to know you! Perks and benefits: Work from anywhere Flexible working life We are going to many Web3 and music-related events around the world and organizing our own - expect to be invited We provide a place for you to learn and grow Links: https://anotherblock.io/ https://www.mynewsdesk.com/anotherblock https://lnk.bio/anotherblock

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Skills: salesnon techremote.netnftmanagementlegal

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