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About Myosin.xyz

As a growth marketing Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) & product studio, Myosin.xyz is a headless agency focused on onboarding the next billion web3 users.

By operating as a DAO, all carefully vetted and approved members (2% acceptance rate) have ultimate ownership, flexibility, and financial upside in working on Myosin projects.

Our membership is comprised of top growth marketers, community managers, content writers, creatives, and developers who are passionate about web3 and the opportunities it creates to create a more equitable and positive Internet.

About the Position

As members of a headless agency, all DAO members are co-owners of Myosin.xyz, who participate in both the financial upside and governance for Myosin. Our founding members are seasoned operators, hailing from venture studios, accelerators, and the top media agencies in the world.

Myosin is actively looking for Product Development Geniuses who have deep experience ideating, iterating on, and launching new products, preferably within the world of web3.

Our ideal Product Geniuses are Developers and technical PMs who have awesome real-life experience building web3 Products. If you like to get shit done, build, and launch new things, this is the place for you.

As a Product Genius (as we like to say in our Discord server), you'll be expected to:

  • Help ideate and come up with awesome new Product ideas relevant to web3 Marketing, through user research, competitive analysis, and general market research and reading
  • Lead or assist others in the development of rapid prototypes for new Product ideas so we can quickly get them into the hands of potential users for rapid testing and iteration
  • Collaborate with other DAO members and Guilds (Content, Biz Dev, etc.) to understand where we can build and launch new and interesting tools that enhance our abilities as a DAO, and that we can potentially launch and scale as independent Products, and eventually full-fledged companies
  • Own the development and transformation of prototypes into real functioning Products that we can sell to existing and new Clients, and potentially fundraise for to grow into independent companies.

As a DAO member, you will be handsomely paid in crypto (ETH or USDC) for each Project that you work on, along with our $MYO token, which will enable you to access more crypto projects, vote for the use of community treasury funds, and lead the direction of this headless marketing DAO.

This posting is NOT for a full-time salaried position, but for applicants who wish to join the premier web3 marketing DAO as a contributing member and work on client-facing Projects to help build the future of web3 marketing.

We have two Products already in development, with significant interest from investors and clients, and currently are looking for a highly skilled developer with experience leveraging on-chain data to create insights dashboards and platforms. Compensation will be in the form of equity and future revenue from said Products, and potentially a cash stipend.

If you are interested in joining Myosin as a DAO member, you can begin your application process with the following link: https://bit.ly/myosin-product-dev

Company: Myosin.xyz

Website: Company's website

Skills: javascriptremotedaomarketing

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