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In the new and exciting world of the decentralized internet, otherwise known as Web3, it is an individual's fundamental right to own and control their digital identity. To ensure that the individual is paramount in Web3, we are developing a suite of applications to enable everyone to safely engage, take part, and transact in the emerging, decentralized world of the internet. Our platform centers on Web3 Identity and leverages that identity to provide individuals with secure digital asset storage and recovery, access to decentralized finance, the ability to prove ownership of their creations, and gateways to digital interactions and experiences – all to empower and benefit every Web3 user.

We believe that the decentralized nature of Web3 creates an opportunity for everyone to challenge the digital status quo—to own and control their identity, data, finances, creations, and future. This is the chance to get it right – to rally a movement of individuals so Web3 belongs to everyone, not to trillion-dollar companies. To fulfill this vision, we are seeking dynamic people who want to join us in leading the way to this new world.


As a JavaScript Backend Developer, you will be responsible for developing Web APIs and other backend components for blockchain applications, including adapting W3C standardizations for decentralized identities and verifiable credentials. You will primarily be implementing Web services destined for integration with 3rd party consumers, such as mobile applications and other backend services. You will work with a team creating and maintaining a public API based on the OpenAPI Specification, contributing to key Blockchains SDKs intended for use by other Blockchains teams, a broader public development community, and other Web3 companies. You will work as part of a fast-paced, elite agile development team, leveraging the latest software development best practices and clean coding techniques to develop high-quality software according to our corporate vision.

Additional job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Defining and implementing new Web3 RESTful APIs and JSON schemas.
  • Understanding and evaluating W3C standards for Web3.
  • Code reviews and discussions on design patterns.
  • Working extensively with various JavaScript frameworks, such as Fastify, TypeORM, Web3.js, and Jest.
  • Supporting integration efforts with Mobile and Web portal development teams.
  • Contributing to design discussions, product brainstorming, and backlog grooming.
  • Testing and debugging integration issues.
  • Supporting release activities such as using and contributing to scripts, tooling for CI/CD pipelines, and reviewing and addressing issues from security scans.
  • Using JIRA, Confluence, and Gitlab for day-to-day development activities.


For maximum success in this role, you will have an agile mindset and are committed to continue honing your skills. You have a passion for writing clean, high-quality code for use by others. You have developed high-performance, scalable, and highly available software solutions, with extensive experience designing, implementing and integrating Web services used in production. You work well within a team, contributing to design activities and code reviews with clear written and verbal communication. You are familiar with writing tests for your code, using test automation frameworks, and have strong debugging skills.

You are familiar with Docker, Yarn, YAML, and JSON and have extensive experience using Typescript or similar JavaScript frameworks. You know or are excited to learn foundational knowledge in cryptography, especially elliptic curves (SECP256K1, Ed25519), and an understanding of Blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin.


A Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science or other STEM disciplines with a strong computer science background. A minimum of five years of experience as a software developer designing and implementing Web services for production. A minimum of three years of experience hands-on with JavaScript using Typescript or a similar framework. At least three years of experience working with large-scale enterprise-grade distributed systems for infrastructure, Web services, and applications.

Company: Blockchains

Skills: backend dev javascript remote blockchain

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