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The Role

Alchemy believes that the future of the internet is decentralized and built on blockchain technology. We are building the tools and infrastructure that will make it possible for anyone to build and grow a business on the blockchain.

Our design team is responsible for creating user-friendly and engaging experiences for our users. The design team works across many projects at Alchemy—from our brand and website, to our many products surfaces. In this position you’ll be working closely with design, engineering and product teams to ensure that our products are easy to use and meet the needs of our users.

We are looking for a highly experienced Senior Design Engineer to join our Design team and help us build the future of web3. This is a new role for Alchemy and an opportunity to not only up-level our already exceedingly high standards for design, but also define what a Senior Design Engineer does at Alchemy and pave the way for this new discipline.


  • Cover design demands on implementing UI with complex interactions and animations mainly on the marketing website, micro-sites, interactive prototypes and all the way to the extended front facing web app products.
  • Design and build entire web experiences
  • Collaborate with designers to prototype and implement web animations and interaction-heavy product launch materials
  • Maintain and extend our design systems and front-end library
  • Concept and prototype web pages and apps
  • Build and improve high-performance web pages

What we're looking for:

  • 7+ years of web front-end development experience, including SaaS and public-facing websites, web3 is a plus
  • Proven ability to contribute to design teams and create delightful web experiences
  • Advanced knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, SCSS, and front-end frameworks, such as TypeScript, React, GraphQL, HTML/CSS, and NodeJS.
  • Advanced knowledge of frontend best practices, design patterns, performance patterns, and rendering patterns for optimizing websites for core web vitals
  • Ability to write clear, elegant code in a team environment
  • Portfolio of design work and frontend code, including design systems, engaging micro-sites, Figma plugins, webGL experiments, and CSS art

You should include these in your application

  • A link to your online portfolio
  • Your CV or LinkedIn profile
  • A few words about why Alchemy is interesting to you

Company: Alchemy

Skills: design non tech dev senior blockchain

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