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About Autonomy: Autonomy Network is a protocol for decentralized automation. Developers use Autonomy to automate actions and create better features for dApps. It allows anyone to make any arbitrary transaction and have it executed under some arbitrary condition in the future, even while the user is offline. For example, DEXes like Uniswap can add limit orders, stop losses, and impermanent loss protection. Borrowers can borrow on platforms like Compound and automatically close their position before it gets liquidated, saving the fees which can be as high as 12%. Creators can launch autonomous NFTs that transfer themselves in and out of wallets, without human input or without running any servers. Autonomy is infrastructure, similar to ChainLink (but for automation, not oracles), that is starting to disrupt DeFi and the NFT space. We're already live on ETH/BSC/MATIC/AVAX, about to launch on Solana and other non-EVM chains, and have live integrations at AutoSwap, SokuSwap, ApeSwap, and other much bigger DEXes and lending platforms that aren't public yet. Based in Switzerland, but we have a fully distributed team. Work directly with the founding team and enjoy significantly, ahem, autonomy ;) Own your work and have significant independence. Take part in strategic decisions of the project. Build the future of web3! Job description: Autonomy needs a rockstar recruiter with full-cycle recruiting experience. As a recruiter at Autonomy, you will be in charge of sourcing, attracting, filtering, interviewing, and hiring our next team members who will help us in our mission to revolutionize the Crypto space! Requirements: 2+ years of experience in sourcing talent for high-growth companies must be self-directing and proactive experience in full-cycle recruiting fluency in English and effective communication skills are a must general knowledge of DeFi concepts (trading, lending) and NFTs Bonus: (strong bonus) technical knowledge of web3 technologies (strong bonus) technical recruiting experience (strong bonus) experience in recruiting for crypto/web3 companies What we can offer: tokens! We'll do our token launch within a couple of months, so you'll have the chance to have a share of the founding team's tokens help build out a cutting edge technology that will change the face of the blockchain industry work closely with top teams in the space that we're partnering with on collaborations working fully remotely, or be in an upcoming office (likely Lisbon) travel benefits to conferences, health benefits, the usual tech startup stuff a fun environment with some solid banter ;)

Company: Autonomy

Website: https://www.autonomynetwork.io/

Company size: 11-50

Skills: hrnftdefi

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