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Texas, Remote

Full time

Job Description 1. Deliver architecture design and core code development for public chain and consortium chain platforms. 2. Build blockchain infrastructure (including back-end protocols, infrastructure, system services, consensus mechanisms, algorithms, and related clients) and develop and improve blockchain-based service products specific to business scenarios. Qualifications 1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in computer science, software engineering, or information technology. 2. Expertise with at least one mainstream programming language such as Golang, Java, Javascript, Rust, etc., and good programming skills and programming habits. 3. Deep knowledge of various data structures and algorithms. Must have a solid understanding of cryptography, security protocols, and encryption algorithms. Familiar with at least one related open-source project such as Fabric, Ethereum, and FISCO BCOS; involvement and research experience are preferred. 4. Expertise with Linux, distributed systems, smart contracts, and familiarity with Solidity and web3 rpc, consensus algorithms are preferred. Prefers (Nice to have) 1. Familiar with the design details of mainstream open-source blockchains. 2. Familiar with the details of one of the consensus protocols such as BFT, Paxos, Raft, etc.

Company: Infstones

Website: Company's website

Skills: golangjavajavascriptrustsolidityremote

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