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About PDAX At PDAX, we believe that the future of money is digital, and our mission is to empower all Filipinos to grow their wealth through blockchain technology. As one of the first crypto firms in the Philippine market, we feel a sense of duty to our users and to the ecosystem to set the standard for safety, ease of access, and reliability. We expect our team to share in this responsibility and cherish our vision of a more open and equitable financial system. We are looking for new team members that are passionate about cryptocurrency, want to work in a disruptive, fast-growing industry, and thrive in a start-up environment. If this sounds like you, then we’d love to talk! About the Role The NFT Curator is responsible for identifying, selecting, and approaching corporations and brands for the purpose of partnering with them for PDAX’s NFT Marketplace Platform. The NFT Curator will have a keen sense of the current pop culture and popular opinion in the Philippines and is able to translate this into a feasible NFT strategy for various corporations and brands. The NFT Curator should also have a strong understanding of NFTs, and their potential for stronger brand engagement and community building. He/she will have worked previously in the Marketing / Advertising / Media industry, and already has an existing personal network of Corporations and Brands who are likely to be interested in web3, the metaverse, and NFTs. General Responsibilities Conduct market research and constantly stay up-to-date on the latest trends in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, etc), and traditional media (TV, radio, print, etc.) Monitor and maintain relationships with large B2C Corporations and brands (ie, fashion, sports, etc). Conduct NFT seminars and primers to the marketing divisions of corporations, laying out the strong value proposition of NFTs and how it could benefit the corporation. Identify and reach out to corporations and brands who have strong potential (and customer base) to attract new users and customers to the NFT Marketplace Platform. Pitch and explain to various corporations NFT technology, its potential for strong customer engagement and community building, and why they should onboard at PDAX’s NFT Marketplace Platform. Negotiate commercial terms with the onboarded corporations with regard to the value proposition to be attached to the corporation’s NFT collection, profit split, and the like. Monitor and manage the corporation NFT project, from ideation, and production, to launch. Work with the NFT Creation Team, and the NFT Marketing teams to ensure a smooth and successful launch of the corporation’s NFT Collection. Qualifications Strong previous work experience in business development, partnerships, marketing, advertising, talent management, and similar disciplines. Has an existing network of B2C corporations and brands (ie, FMCG, fashion, food, entertainment, etc.) Strong interpersonal skills. Highly skilled in pitching, persuading, and negotiating various entities. Knowledgeable of NFTs including Crypto Punks and BAYC, including the prevailing business models & community engagement strategies these projects utilize. Experience working with creative and marketing teams in launching a product. Our Culture We do the right thing. In all dealings, we act with integrity, diligence, and in good faith. We think about the customer. We solve problems for our users. We love crypto. We are passionate about cryptocurrency, financial markets, and how technology is changing lives. We strive for excellence. We love challenges; we raise the bar in everything: our products, services, processes, and people. We focus on the mission. We take ownership. We are proactive and we work hard to deliver high-impact results at a rapid pace. We exercise leadership. In any role we play, we strive to be effective leaders. We believe in continuous learning and growth. We pursue growth, learning, and development, and are eager to give and receive feedback.

Company: PDAX

Website: https://pdax.ph/

Skills: nftfinance

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