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At Midpoint Labs, our mission is to build the portal between the rich ecosystem of Web 2 endpoints and the emerging landscape of Web 3 applications. Blockchain smart contracts are inherently restricted to communicating exclusively with other smart contracts - preventing developers from building applications beyond moving and exchanging crypto assets. True consumer and enterprise applications need to interact with a variety of services, most of which live off of the blockchain. As a Software Engineer you will be responsible for the design and development of our backend infrastructure that handles customer requests for data, delegates/routes API calls, securely stores customer-sensitive data, and queues responses to be submitted back to our users. You will work alongside our founding software engineers and own major features from design to deployment. You will be responsible for the development and maintenance of systems that will be core components of our customer’s infrastructure. We want someone who is comfortable in a role that has the responsibility of defining large technical components of a new product. Why work at Midpoint Labs? Our entire team is technical. The blockchain space is still nascent and to build something meaningful today you need a technical team and leadership that understands blockchain at a protocol level. No more explaining what can and can’t be done in a smart contract to non-technical PMs and execs. Our founding team is experienced. Our founder left school in 2019 to grow a hardware/computer-vision startup from tinkering in a Stanford dorm room to a $240M business with hardware deployed across the country. We understand how to start and grow a company and intend to use those lessons to grow quickly. We are venture-backed and we work in-office. We are fully venture-backed with $3M in capital and are deploying it to build a strong engineering team. Working out of our office in San Francisco provides for rapid communication and development that is necessary to get a product from zero to one. No more developing on discord or waiting to hear back on grant funding. We are a blockchain infrastructure company, not a cryptocurrency company. In order to build a sustainable business, you need to provide a service with a recurring source of revenue. Too many companies in the blockchain space instead opt for business models based on price speculation. We understand that this works in a bull market but does not work in the long run. Experience 3+ years of industry software engineering experience (any kind of role). Expert-level knowledge of one or more of the following: Databases, ELD Pipelines, Serverless Architecture, Security, Web Hosting, Networking, Reliability Engineering, and Data Engineering. Experience working on customer-facing products with high requirements for uptime and stability. Experience in a role with significant oversight over the design of a core technical component. Degree in Computer Science, Math, or a related technical field. (Optional) Experience with Ethereum smart contract development. (Optional) High-level understanding of core blockchain principles (ex. EVM client, oracles, consensus mechanisms, layer 2 solutions). (Optional) Experience as a decentralized node operator (ex. Bitcoin/Ethereum miner/validator).

Company: Midpoint Labs

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Skills: devethereumnodeeconomy-designer

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