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Note to applicants: our headquarters is located in Berlin, with additional offices in London and Lisbon, but Parity has teammates distributed across the EU and beyond. Remote working arrangements are common and possible; we're happy to discuss this more during the recruiting process! At Parity, we take pride in our detailed security 1-on-1 guidance for every newcomer — not only does it help us with staying secure in a rather corrosive security environment of the modern blockchain development, but also it has become an integral part of our internal culture. And since Parity grows at an accelerated rate, we are looking to hire another Security Trainer who writes to increase our capacity and help us figure out how to scale up without losing a human touch. Just to make things extra challenging, our official in-house language is International Business English, and the majority of employees speak English fluently but as a second language. While our offices are all currently in Europe, we have people on every continent except Antarctica, so ideally, we are looking for people who have experience working across timezones and cultures and with some flexibility around working hours. Also worth mentioning, all our software is FOSS, and we value developer freedom and self-determination above most other things. Hopefully, this makes it obvious that the job of maintaining sufficient security practices in the company is FUN in a very specific, sometimes painful way. We expect that our ideal candidate: can clearly see how a 25-slide deck on the dangers of phishing is way less effective than a [10-minute quiz from Google’s Jigsaw](https://phishingquiz.withgoogle.com/), but that neither option is going to cut it for the needs of a company where most of the written communication isn’t over email and the line between phishing and other kinds of social engineering is always blurry; wouldn’t give in to the frustration of having to prove every minor piece of your advice with proof links and logical reasoning under the opinionated scrutiny of (we’d like to think) some of the world’s smartest engineers, and are looking for the kind of challenge that is balancing the cybersecurity needs of those engineers and the cybersecurity needs of people who will never use the terminal; is willing to understand our company’s culture and rely on it in their work instead of fighting with it; has a broad tech horizon and a security mindset (which probably means that the modern understanding of “smart home” appliances terrifies you); unplugs the smart tv and smart speakers in any hotel or Airbnb they stay at. The role duties will include, but is not limited to: Security onboardings for new employees Supporting end users! Decentralization can't work without easy-to-use tools that ordinary non-tech people can understand Writing documentation for our internal tech systems and infrastructure Be creative! For the right candidate, we are prepared to give you wide leeway to bring your inspiration to our security training needs. Things we'd expect to see from you: Security Mindset Technical knowledge and understanding of how various tech stacks work together Experience as a trainer, educator, or teacher- formal or informal. If you are the person everyone in your office comes to for an explanation of technology when that isn’t your job, it’s a good sign you’ve got what we are looking for. Passion for helping non-technical people understand technical minutiae that affects them Familiarity with and an appreciation of FOSS, decentralization, self-hosting, and generally hacker-y stuff; Demonstrated creativity and flair Speak a second language? Extra bonus points! Surprise us with how awesome you are!

Company: Parity Technologies

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Skills: securityremotecopywriting

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