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About Daylight Daylight tells you everything your wallet address can do: derivative mints, votes, airdrop claims, token-gated unlocks, and more. We call these things you can do “abilities”, and we believe they are the most fun experiences you can have in web3. Daylight delivers these meaningful experiences to all web3 users across our own app as well as the wallets and web apps that use our API. We are backed by crypto-native investors and have been working together in crypto for the past four years. Our team is building a core piece of web3 infrastructure - the ability layer - and we are seeking an experienced content moderator with knowledge of and passion for the web3 space. About Role As Content Moderator, you will be a core part of creating a strong user experience at Daylight, ensuring abilities on the platform are high quality. You’ll both moderate abilities and improve moderation processes. You’ll influence product direction, making Daylight more scalable and friendly. Join us and help each web3 user discover all the opportunities available to them: belonging when they join a chat of like-minded people, pride when they receive an on-chain credential, excitement when they claim a drop, and more. Responsibilities: Moderate abilities submitted by users, our internal indexers, and our supplier partners. Review and address abilities and communities flagged by users and internal systems. Ensure abilities meet internal guidelines, including spam and scam prevention. Create and improve processes for evaluating and responding to flagged/questionable abilities. Run weekly content review meetings and keep the team informed of trends in abilities on Daylight. Maintain an expert understanding of Daylight’s content moderation policies and make improvements to those policies with a focus on efficiency and scalability. Identify areas of improvement for Daylight’s ability ingestion machine and collaborate with the product team to create solutions. You have: 2+ years of experience moderating content. Strong knowledge about and interest in web3: NFTs, DAOs, and DeFi. Good internet instincts for spam and scams. Strong spelling, grammar, and writing skills. Nice-to-have: Retool and SQL experience. Benefits Competitive pay and generous equity. Full medical, dental, and vision insurance. Flexible time off. Work from home. Hiring Process To apply, email us at jobs@daylight.xyz or DM us on Twitter. Please include any relevant links and why you believe you are a good fit for the role. If it’s a fit, we will invite you to start the interviewing process: Hiring Manager Call - 30-minute conversation with CEO to discuss the role, Daylight, and your background Take Home Exercise - Complete a moderation assessment Culture Fit Call - 30-minute conversation with a Daylight team member Reference Checks - Provide references

Company: Daylight

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Skills: content managercommunity managermoderatorremotecommunity-manager

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