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United States (Remote)

Full time

About the job

In this role you'll work closely, and collaboratively, with the Wildcard Marketing, Branding, and Game Development teams to help plan, create, and manage engaging community-focused content.

You'll contribute to the creation of meaningful community-first campaigns and engagement plans to support various feature launches and events, as well as ongoing impactful social activities. You will actively manage communications with the Wildcard Discord community and work closely with the Wildcard CM Team to actively grow and build engagement within the Wildcard community. You'll create ‘sentiment analysis’ that blends empathy with data points, to share across our cross-functional team to encourage reciprocity between Wildcard and its community and fans. You'll also work alongside the Wildcard MarCom team to help strategize driving player engagement, retention, and online acquisition. You’ll be responsible for translating key messaging strategies, game development updates and art assets into community-friendly engagement activities.

Ideal candidates foster positive, fun and engaging conversations in the community and can think quickly on their feet, and tend to think outside the box to find positive and practical solutions to issues.

Candidates with unique backgrounds, particularly those that help cultivate hybrid online and offline passionate communities, are encouraged to apply.


  • Actively Maintain and Manage the Wildcard Discord Community with an emphasis on community building, user engagement/growth and security.
  • Represent the voice of our players and fans in meetings and communications with cross-functional partners and developers through updates and analyses of community/fan engagement trends
  • Work on initiatives that drive growth within the community and audience of Wildcard. Identify, research, and request specific tools that can further engage a growing community.
  • Measure, monitor, and build detailed proposals identifying trends and opportunities for improvement.
  • Generate high-quality Community-focused content with input from a cross-functional group of partners to share on Discord, start trends on Tik Tok, and engage on Twitter.
  • Develop relationships and collaborative strategies with other gaming, web 3, or/or guild communities to advance and grow the Wildcard community.
  • Identify, grow, and support a community of content creators, fan sites, and aspiring influencers and act as a point of contact.
  • Manage part-time CM team with an eye to growing the Community Team as needed in a manner that corresponds with and supports the Game Development roadmap.
  • Be the Community’s “Face of Wildcard” both online and at IRL events.
  • Play Wildcard! (And other games like it) Excited to get to learn our brand and lore (inside and out), and engage and theory craft with the growing community.

Does this sound right for you

  • Do you have over 3 years’ experience with brand communications, community management, and social media management.
  • Experienced in online (and/or in-person) community building, forum operations, and social media methodologies.
  • Do you have working knowledge of Discord and various Discord bots to manage and grow a Discord community?
  • Do you have an extensive social network on Discord and take part in a variety of web3 products, games, and DAOs?
  • Do you have strong written communications and editorial skills?
  • Are you active in multiple on-line game communities and endeared and supported by the fans/ audience?
  • Do you have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms (Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and how they can be used to achieve business goals?
  • Do you have a data-driven mindset? Are you someone that can gather and look at data (both qualitative and quantitative) to forecast and grow the future of the Wildcard Community.
  • Experience hosting Discord/Twitter AMAs is a plus
  • Experience working on other competitive games is a plus.
  • Experience streaming competitive games is a plus.

Company: Wildcard Alliance

Website: Company's website

Skills: community-managermanagementcontent manageroperations

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