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Full time

BENEFITS - Work in a cutting-edge industry with unique challenges and opportunities. - Remote-first culture. - Autonomously schedule your work week and vacation time. RESPONSIBILITIES: Operate the incentivized community testnet program: https://joystream.gitbook.io/testnet-workspace/testnet/founding-member-program, which involves: - Collecting and analyzing data from community and testnet activity. - Interact and train testnet participants on Discord and Zoom calls on a regular basis. - Recommend improvements to the rules and processes of our testnets. REQUIREMENTS Excellent written and verbal English. Highly analytical and well-organized problem solver. Familiarity with Blockchain and related technology. NICE TO HAVE Demonstrated experience in building and growing online communities. Worked with other organizations in the blockchain industry.

Company: Jsgenesis

Website: http://jsgenesis.com/

Skills: analystdaoremoteanalyst

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